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Rainmeter Skins / Electric Space

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Artist's Note

This is Electric Space. A suite for those who like blue! LOL
A lot of work went into this and I love it. I hope some of you will like it too.

Included in this package:

Wireless Info
Network and IP Info
CPU and RAM Meters
HDD Meters
Winamp Interface

This is a mixture of my own ideas and working with the inspiration and ideas of others and making it my own.

As always A BIG THANKS to the original artists for their work. Much appreciated!

You should stop by and check out the work of the original artists. Show some love! Damn it! LOL

Anyway, here are the links to the original works. Enjoy!

Digital Circles by Gerguter -

Winamp Circles by Gerguter -

HUD.Vision by ~mepu -
Used the Winamp/Foobar controls from this skin as the base for my Winamp Circles Skin.

Arcs by ~Kaelri -
This is the inspiration for the clock skin and for the design of the Winamp Circles Skin.

mini Arcs by ~teejay3 -
Same as with Arcs, was an inspiration clock skin and the Winamp Circles skin.

Black Glass by ~LAvalon -
Used this for the digital clock in the Digital Circles Clock Skin.
I used all the code for the digital clock for this one. All I did was change the font and color.

Snotes by ~albinozz -
Used these for the notes. Again, used all the code from this just changed the line color and font color/face. I modified a second one to be a mirror image of the one on the right to give it some symetry.

Bar Chart by ~Rasylver -
Used this for the inspiration for the CPU and RAM meters.

Enigma by ~Kaelri -
Used this for the base code for the HDD Meters.

The info across the top: Date and Weather were done by me with weather information code borrowed from:

4Days WeatherSkin by ~maminscris -

The bottom bar with Wireless Info and Network and IP Addresses was done entirely by me. Fun Stuff.

I hope you enjoy these! Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out this Deviation!

Please let me know what you think. Any feedback is always welcome.

Thanks again!

Gerguter :jarksaber:

Remember: Question Everything!

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (14)

BenKxK says:

Loving everything, but I would like something for iTunes also if possible :)

Thu, Jul 23rd at 01:40pm (8 years ago)
Gerguter says:

I will look into it! I'm not sure if there is a plug in for iTunes.

Thu, Jul 23rd at 09:50pm (8 years ago)
m1ke909 says:

Hey, i just wondered if this is just me, but the weather feed and the network feed, wont work, it just shows nothing ? Any ideas ?

Sun, Jul 26th at 05:01pm (8 years ago)

Hi, where is the wallpaper for this skin? Can you post it please? Thanks!

Sun, Jul 26th at 07:03pm (8 years ago)
Gerguter says:

Here is a link for the the wallpaper in this skin. Sorry for any confusion!

Go Here -

Mon, Jul 27th at 07:40am (8 years ago)
50Cal says:

Hey my date and time are mixed togeather, any ideas?

Fri, Sep 4th at 09:52pm (8 years ago)
50819241 says:

i'am a chinese so beautiful

Tue, Dec 22nd at 08:41am (8 years ago)
Lamro says:

I can't get this to work..I extract this skin to /My Documents/Rainmenter/Skins and it still won't show up when I restart rainmenter..Someone ? A link or something that would help me ?

Sat, Dec 26th at 02:48pm (8 years ago)
FLiTz says:

I got a problem same with Lambro! any idea?

Wed, Dec 30th at 07:04am (8 years ago)

Thanks for the great Skins. I especially like the clock :o) The only problem was it seemed a bit faded so I changed the FontColor to 255,255,255,255 which brightened it up. Looks great. Thanks again.

Mon, Mar 22nd at 07:06am (7 years ago)
bejo1337 says:

I hav a lot of questions about Rainmeter since I'm new. How can you edit your settings about where u live, internet etc.?

Thu, Apr 15th at 02:14am (7 years ago)
midnytblu says:

what did you use for the Tabs? (TRSH, FTP, WOW, etc.)

it blends perfectly with your setup.

Fri, Jul 2nd at 12:26pm (7 years ago)
vBlazera says:

is there anyway to mod the winamp player to work with Zune

Sun, Jul 29th at 10:26pm (5 years ago)
MorganDK says:

Wallpaper link pls

Thu, Apr 7th at 01:55pm (1 year ago)

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Created by Gerguter
on July 23rd, 2009


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