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Vertical Calendar. The markings were off.
Player, now with correct indexnumber and number of tracks in playlist. Also has a volume control.
HDD-bar is easier to edit.
SystemAll. Cleaned up the code.

Weather from AccuWeather. Both with big and small temp readings.

All the individual parts of the SystemAll. They were annoying to make and I don't think anyone actually used them.

Have fun!
All mods and ports are allowed and welcome. Please let me know if you have done anything with it, love to see what people might do with it.
Feedback is nice as well....

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (11)


I like the looks of that WinAmp player.

Also, quad core 2.33GHZ and 2GB RAM?

Mon, Jul 20th at 10:33am (8 years ago)
Chewtoy says:

Good. :)

Yes... Still running XP as I hate Vista and win7. And XP can't take more then ~3GB RAM. And I'm poor. :3

Tue, Jul 21st at 09:04am (8 years ago)

Very nice.

One question though. Is there a way I can give the hard drives custom names instead of having them named by the drive letter?

Sun, Aug 2nd at 10:48pm (8 years ago)
Chewtoy says:

Add a measure that uses Label=1
Add a meter to display it.
<-- For more information.

Mon, Aug 3rd at 07:54am (8 years ago)
286357570 says:

you are good

Wed, Sep 9th at 09:47am (8 years ago)
kog says:

Hey Chewtoy,

I'm using your calendar config happily for Rainmeter - thanks, it is so far the best I've seen. I have only one issue with it: it would be way easier to read for me if it has bigger fonts. I tried to edit the ini but when set the font size to 14pts the day dates were kinda stuck to each other and I did not fond any option to make more space between the dates. Do you have any suggestions how can I do that?


Mon, Nov 30th at 08:44am (8 years ago)
Chewtoy says:

That's actually bad coding of me. :/
As it is now, you need to actually change all the spaces at all places.

The places you want to edit at is [lable.DayXX] and the markings. As you can see they change in a pattern. Make a new one that fits the size of the text.
Sorry about that. :/

Wed, Dec 9th at 04:44pm (8 years ago)
damtachoa says:

So far your skin is the best looking one. However, if you can modify it more. I think your skin will rate the best looking skin of the year. For example, you must replace bottom weather to docking station with all programs and shutdown icon. On your left weather section, you replace the most important program that you use everyday such as Firefox, etc. On your right weather section, you replace with some folders like music folder, video folder, document folder, etc. In the center, you must add more like video card and temperature, motherboard info and temperature. That's it. I wish you can done it soon. You get my vote.

Tue, Apr 13th at 01:35pm (7 years ago)
Chewtoy says:

Thanks. And, go ahead and make your own. I don't do docks. I don't use them. They're ugly and clutter the desktop way to much.

Tue, Apr 27th at 10:29am (7 years ago)
joshuk says:

new to rainmeter but how do you set you location on accuwether?

Fri, Jul 20th at 07:10pm (5 years ago)
Vanblam says:

looks nice... guess you have no problem knowing the weather :P

Thu, Oct 24th at 08:51pm (4 years ago)

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