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Rainmeter Skins / SGT Splicer's Pack HUD Enhancements

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Artist's Note

Mixed project in operation
Updates as of 08/16/09

________________________________________ ___________________
Ok Folks
I know it has been a while and alot has happened, but I am now able to move forward, and so I have.

A weather skin change over is now available at the Rainmeter forums.

This is a Beta, but fully operable. I will be making massive changes so if you want the skin as shown above, but in AccuWeather, do so quickly

It can be found here:

A full release will be available when this skin is out of Beta.
A wireless skin and other updates will be available as well.

I am moving forward

Although I Have not supplied an image, I just added a new skin (Apologies for those that have been downloading like mad over the last few hour)
I have just added an Independent Moon Phase Skin to the SGT Splicer Pack.

But to get a look, check here:

Now you may need to delete the old skin folder before install of this one, as I have changed some folder namers so that I may more easily monitor the skins.

Once again if you have questions or comments I am regularly at the new Rainmeter forums

Or you are welcome to comment here, and I will get to you as soon as I can

More to come

I am a splicer of other skins.
My current projects are in the area of enhancing HUD Vision by Mepu.

I take no credit for the work done, and lay all credit to the original authors. These folks are listed in the skin ini files.

The skins are an addition to Mepu's HUD Vision, and is not intended as a complete replacement.
So what comes in the first splicer pack?

Modified weather (HUD)
Modified CPU Monitor HUD (added top process)
Dual core monitor (HUD in red and blue)
HUD Vision Mail for Gmail.

There will be more in time

If you require assistance with these skins, I am regularly at the new Rainmeter forum:

Or you are welcome to comment here, and I will get back to you as soon as I have a chance.

More to come, but for now enjoy.

General notes on screen shot:
HUD Vision from Mepu (MOD the heck out of) [link]
Vista Rainbar (Pulled at the moment, waiting for new one that will be compatible with Vista)
Enigma [link]
BlueFeed Modified graphics in process (Rss Reader by Kenz0) [link]
Pantero skin (Clock with otu all the graphics) [link]
Actual Winamp skin Red Button [link]
Power Toy. Upper left hand corner, to shut down windows [link]
Fences by stardock (Opagued out) [link]

I have modified a HUD Vision Mail with Enigma Gmail to get a HUD Vision Gmail.

Modified CPU 1 and CPU 2 and combined them, gave them absolute red and absolute blue, and when crossed over you get purple.

Added Blue Flames to BlueFeed graphics (Hope Sanado-san approves)

Of course the is the modified CPU core reader with a top progress mod

I am not finished here, but atleast you have an idea of where I am at.

You can get the modified gmail, and the modified CPU monitor at the new forum: [link]

All butchered to get what I want.

I am not done modifying as yet. I want to minimalize the HUD Vision just a little, and cross add some functionality

More skins to come

SGT E. V. McKay

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (19)


I like the layered Core readings.

I'll download and use this is I ever feel like changing my color scheme from green to red.

Sun, May 31st at 08:37am (8 years ago)


Sun, May 31st at 04:27pm (8 years ago)

the links aren't there :(

Pantero skin (Clock with otu all the graphics) [link]

Fri, Jun 12th at 08:56pm (8 years ago)

You art absolutely correct.
Give me a few days, and I will edit the entry, and get this corrected.

In the mean time, was there a particular link you are interested in?

Mon, Jun 15th at 02:20am (8 years ago)
Isxaari says:

Post a link to the wall man Post a link to the wall in high res.


Mon, Jun 22nd at 09:51pm (8 years ago)
Isxaari says:

Edit found it kind off

Now a direct image not 100% but 99%

Mon, Jun 22nd at 10:21pm (8 years ago)

The original image was picked up at RocketDock quite some time ago.

I am unable to find it at this time, but I will do you one just as well.

I will keep the following link up for a while, as I also have it posted to a skin at DevArt.

Among the icon collection there is also 2 wall papers, the original and a 1200X 800, I use on my laptop

Get it while you can:

I am posting Via DropBox, if you like what it can do, check it out here:



Mon, Jun 22nd at 10:40pm (8 years ago)
Isxaari says:

I got it from your first link. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Tue, Jun 23rd at 09:44am (8 years ago)
Isxaari says:

How do you change your weather to say my state Houston Tx?

Tue, Jun 23rd at 12:49pm (8 years ago)
Isxaari says:

edit. I got it. How ever the time is 12-13 min off of my cell phone any ideas on how to fix that?

Tue, Jun 23rd at 01:12pm (8 years ago)
Isxaari says:

I'm sorry man for all the comments.

But How do you update the time/date/ and change the F degrees to C degrees? Mine does not seem to update in real time.

Tue, Jun 23rd at 01:54pm (8 years ago)

The time you are seeing is the last time of a major update. Weather.com only updates every hour.

To change to Celcius, you must specify that in the ini file, there should be directions.

No problem with all the questions, I am here to help

I also noticed that you have posted to the forum, so I will attempt to address your issues there :D

Tue, Jun 23rd at 08:19pm (8 years ago)

@ Isxaari

No Problem; Enjoy :)

Tue, Jun 23rd at 08:28pm (8 years ago)
niche99 says:


Weather is not displaying. The link you are checking produces tis error:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

<err type="14">Missing XOAP 'link' parameter in request.[/err]


Tue, Jul 7th at 09:40pm (8 years ago)

Weather.com has changed their format and cut off the original XML.

A solution is being rendered at the Rainmeter forums.

I will have a working solution in the next few days for my weather, and HUD VIsion as well

Wed, Jul 8th at 01:33pm (8 years ago)

Hello all

I have a working AccuWeather.com skin ready for testing at the Rainmeter forum

Stop by and download and test this build.

When I am satisfied it is public worthy I will release it here.

Mon, Jul 13th at 12:48am (8 years ago)

And again all others here.

I just released a Beta 2
This has several fixes and is now available in both Black and white

Swing by the Rainmeter forum's Skin Beta Testing thread to get the latest Download


Tue, Jul 14th at 09:48am (8 years ago)
gaabeesz1 says:


Please help me! I'd like to have a desktop like on the picture there up.
What do i have to download for this? Please help me!!!


Thu, Jun 17th at 09:47am (7 years ago)

ok.. here is the problem .. i am new to this ... i downloded theme .. but my desktop nothing looks like one in above picture .. plz help me... thanks...

Wed, Feb 8th at 01:14pm (5 years ago)

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66710 This work is a modification of HUD.Vision v2.2 by mepu.


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