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Rainmeter Skins / Round HDD meter

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Artist's Note

this meter consists of 6 meters, 2 rounded bar graphs and 2 line graphs, and 2 text outputs, all monitoring hard drive usage.
It is arranged in such a way to fit around Windows hard drive icons, when aligned to the grid.

There are multiple ini files for the configuration show, as well as the meters separately so you can make your own position configuration.

Note: in order to have an icon with no text, right click on the icon and type "CTRL+255" this will enter a space. 255 MUST be typed on the number pad. if you wish to name more than one icon with a space, you must use more than one space because you can not name 2 icons the same thing. therefore, for the second i con you will have to type "CTRL+255 CTRL+255" and so on.

- g3ch0

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (4)

g3ch0 says:

sorry thats "ALT+255" not "CTRL+255"

Fri, May 8th at 07:34pm (8 years ago)

Why not include the HDD pic in the skin? You can make that clickable,
btw your skinn looks grate with HUD.vision

Sun, May 31st at 05:00pm (8 years ago)
g3ch0 says:

why? lol honestly, becuase it was easier this way. maybe if i get some free time i'll do that. or maybe you should do it!

Sun, Jun 7th at 09:37am (8 years ago)

Or just type a space...

Thu, May 19th at 04:38pm (6 years ago)

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Created by g3ch0
on May 8th, 2009

66710 This work is a modification of HUD.Vision v2.2 by mepu.


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