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Artist's Note

Get facebook notifications on your desktop in the form of a clickable facebook icon, and RSS feed.

the package includes the photoshop files for the images as well as the png files, so you can mess around with them.

note: in order to move the skin around you need to open it up (by clicking it)and drag the notifications, becuase you cant drag the icon by itself, i dont feel like fixing it... its really not so bad, how much are you really going to move it?

note2: this is a [drastic] alteration of BlueFeed, ()
Kenz0 ()

- g3ch0

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (16)

bostonian says:

awesome job!

Thu, May 7th at 03:19pm (8 years ago)

Holy cow this thing is sick.
I'm going to mod it's colors a bit though, I'm a big fan of green.

Sat, May 9th at 08:35am (8 years ago)

If anybody feels that the big blue Facebook icon is too big and in the way, just set the transparency to 60 or 70% and choose fade in.

Sat, May 9th at 08:51am (8 years ago)
g3ch0 says:

true, there is also a tg.psd file in the images folder, this is teh photoshop file for the big facebook icon, you can easily make the icon smaller, or even change it for that matter. as a note, the positions of the mouseout, mousedown, and mouseover images in the PNG file for the icon are centered at 1/6th, 1/2, and 5/6 for any image size, so you can make the icon any size, or any image for that matter as long as you have 3 imaged centered on those locations. i think i left the guide lines in the PSD file too.

Sat, May 9th at 03:36pm (8 years ago)
g3ch0 says:

also note that you have to save the psd as the tgop.png and tgcl.png these are the images for then the menu is open and closed, so you can have like an arrow pointing down to open and up to close or something...

Sat, May 9th at 03:40pm (8 years ago)

umm how do i get the rss for fb?

Tue, Jun 16th at 11:11am (8 years ago)
G33k says:

It seems it doesn't work.
I also tested the Facebook Notifications RSS with Bluefeed, and same result.
But with the Reader of Enigma, no problem.
Any idea ?

Thu, Sep 10th at 11:45am (8 years ago)
g3ch0 says:

to get the rss feed for facebook, click the notifications button at the bottom of facebook. then click "See all" on the right hand side, there is an option for RSS, click it, and copy the adress it takes you to for the link in the code

Sat, Jan 2nd at 07:03pm (8 years ago)

I actually like putting it up in a corner and setting the transparency to 99%, because otherwise it clashes too much with the rest of my desktop

Mon, Feb 22nd at 01:39pm (8 years ago)
kakit213 says:

How can i change the position of the "fb" icon?


Sun, Jun 27th at 01:36am (7 years ago)
Rikal says:

How in the world do you open it in the first place? I keep clicking it and refreshing it but nothing ever happens. It just blinks.

Thu, Jul 1st at 09:35pm (7 years ago)
McSaggler says:

I get the same thing, it just keeps blinking upon click. I already changed the "CHANGE MEEE" to something like "URL=www.facebook.com/blahblah"

I really want this skin to work, it looks awesome.

Mon, Aug 16th at 02:52pm (7 years ago)
458458 says:

do i need to be logged in,to my fb account, to be up to date? or does it works offline?

Thu, Aug 26th at 10:09am (7 years ago)
__Black__ says:

I can't open the notifications either... Anyone got a clue on how to fix that?

Sun, Sep 19th at 05:37pm (7 years ago)
optical10 says:

I'm getting a, "measure S1 error message on the value" column of the about dialogue box for this skin. I presume that's the reason it's not working? Has anybody know what that value/measure means? Any help appreciated

Tue, Sep 21st at 01:10pm (7 years ago)

Can i make it to open it in mozilla,not in explorer?

Tue, Apr 26th at 05:20pm (6 years ago)

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Created by g3ch0
on May 7th, 2009

60282 This work is a modification of BlueFeed by Kenz0.


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