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Rainmeter Skins / Fade to Black V 1.0

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Artist's Note

Update: 4-20-09 I will be posting an update to this soon, for anyone that has the skin, are there any features that you would like to see?

- I will be changing the buttons to have gradient coloring to truly reflect the "fade" concept.
- Adding the executive commands skin posted elsewhere. If you want to tweak your computer for better use, the command helps you get to places you might not even know are on your computer.
- Adding an "Omega" button, to launch multiple skins all at once.

This is one monitor showing the configs expanded (left) and collapsed (right).

Special Thanks to kenzo, rainy, and all other modders. I took a little bit from everything.

This is primarily for rainmeter fans but I've included:
icons for RocketDock/ObjectDock
- Rainmeter-Fade To Black
- System
- Meters
- System Information
- Toolbar
- Feeds
- Left/Right Feeds-Horizontal and Vertical
- Picture Feeds
- Image Display
- Portrait-large and small
- Landscape-large and small
- gmail
- Weather
For all contents, there are black and white versions


So what you can't tell by looking is that is that each configuration has a hide, show, and refresh button that allows you do two obvious things but the refresh button allows you to make edits and see them instantaneously. I notice I had to go through all of the menus and submenus each time I would play with the skins, so this helps speed up your modification process.
There is also an invisible layer that lets you drag each mod around so you can easily move the configurations around, this helps when you want to move them all over the place.
Last, which is my favorite part of it all, they all snap together in a seemless way with a 15 pixel deviation.

I didn't add a notes section just because I use rainlendar for my notes. They sync with Thunderbird really well, through some modz of course.

that's all for now, i hope you like and I hope you mod.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (14)


Very busy. Do you really need 3 different things giving you the same system information? 2 clocks? 2 calenders? 1,500,000 rss feeds? There's just a lot going on here, man. Cluttered.

Tue, Mar 17th at 04:57pm (8 years ago)
bostonian says:

I guess I didn't do a good job of illustrating that it's only one desktop, but showing each config expanded, I posted it in the lifehacker group on flickr as two separate images. Maybe i should edit to say something to that effect.
I do have two monitors and i have one dedicate to rss feeds and my calendar, the rest of the configs are hidden.

Tue, Mar 17th at 05:19pm (8 years ago)
johnhand says:

It's pretty well
good work!

Do not care about one's words

Wed, Mar 18th at 11:57pm (8 years ago)
bostonian says:

Thanks, it's my first config, and I made with the idea that people will play with the configs and create their own designs.

Thu, Mar 19th at 12:36am (8 years ago)
scearcy22 says:

Rookie question I know but how do you change the city you want the weather for?

Thu, Mar 19th at 05:16pm (8 years ago)
bostonian says:

Hey, thanks for the download. This is the easiest skin for changing the location, if you look in the configuration file, find the line that looks like this:



02135 is the zip code, just change the zip code

Unlike the others you have to find a specific location code, this one you just have to change the zip code. I hope this helps.

I'm a rookie too, I just tweaked a lot of other skins.

Thu, Mar 19th at 05:58pm (8 years ago)
Gyiry says:

Great Theme! Kudos ++++++++++++++

I'm having problems with the Gmail think. Can you post here the exact way it's supossed to go.
For example what I do is;
(Not real User or pass)
is it that way?

Sat, Apr 25th at 11:34am (8 years ago)
bostonian says:

Yes, that should work. When I first wrote the code i borrowed from one of the other two gmail skins featured here at customize.org, I started deletin things and it didn't work. the only thing that should be be altered is the username and password.


If you move the skin from where it says variable as the header it might not work. You have to leave the heading of Variales in place otherwise the skin won't work.

Sat, Apr 25th at 02:38pm (8 years ago)
bostonian says:



Sat, Apr 25th at 02:40pm (8 years ago)
bostonian says:

you might need to go into your google setting and allow pop download and IMAP access. The settings button is iin the upper right hand corner, of your gmail homepage. then you will see a forwarding pop/imap button. Enable them and they should work.

Sat, Apr 25th at 02:45pm (8 years ago)

I know this skin is old but dude, half the stuff doesn't work. I don't think the weather feed you use even exists anymore. I put in my zip code per instructions and get nothing. Its blank even with the default zip in the original ini file. Same with the gmail reader. Put in my name and pass just like you say and get zlitch. I love the skin if it worked, maybe we can get an update?

Sun, Jul 18th at 11:31am (7 years ago)

man, this is a train rack. i'm from europe what zip code should enter? yours?

Mon, Jul 26th at 05:28am (7 years ago)
jarryd999 says:

what'd you do with your start bar?

Tue, May 24th at 02:18am (6 years ago)
influence says:

Hey, for the photo feed, the pictures don't show up. Any fix for that?
Love the skin btw :)

Wed, Feb 15th at 04:55pm (6 years ago)

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