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Artist's Note

A simple Rainmeter text file displayed on your desktop.

Included are three presets: regular, shadow, outline

Easy to customize (one location for size, color, etc)

Have fun!

Big thanks to the guy who posted the code for displaying txt files, I used it and his "Reminders:" ... can't find that page again

Comments (10)

yboris says:

I should probably re-upload this with my new addition, but I'm lazy. I recommend adding a little button which, when clicked, will open the .txt file this skin displays.


Sun, Jan 4th at 09:41pm (8 years ago)
Kohina says:

I love this! It's simple and convenient, and really matches my background!

I was just wondering though, how do you make a list? When I try to type something on the next line in edit settings, it doesn't show up in the actual skin at all. So, how do you make lists on the to do list, like your screenshot?

Tue, Jan 27th at 01:22am (8 years ago)
yboris says:

You should create a file (for instance "todo.txt" and place it for example in "C:\")

and the only thing you should edit in the skin is the top line "Note=C:\DESKTOP\todo.txt" ... change it to "Note=C:\todo.txt"

Let me know if you have further trouble :)

Tue, Jan 27th at 02:32am (8 years ago)

I'm new to the whole Rainmeter stuff, but how do I add spaces (line breaks) into my notes?

Thu, Feb 26th at 01:32am (8 years ago)
yboris says:

If you do what I wrote above - you'll get line breaks wherever there are line breaks in your .txt file.

Remember, you keep your notes in a .txt file, my script only needs to be edited to point to the right location (where the .txt file is)

Sat, Feb 28th at 07:49pm (8 years ago)
c0ld says:

Hey thanks for the skin. I made a autoit script to edit the notes

while 1
func newnote()
$msg = inputbox("Reminder", "Enter in Text")
$msg_put = "-" & $msg
\MiSC\todo.txt")) then
$file = fileopen("C:\Users\Portal\Desktop\MiSC\t
FileWrite($file, @CRLF & $msg_put)
msgbox(0,"File not found", "File not found")
func edit()
Run("notepad.exe C:\Users\Portal\Desktop\MiSC\todo.txt")

Thanks again

Thu, Apr 16th at 07:58pm (8 years ago)
yboris says:

c0ld - I wish I understood your code ... I pasted it into my .ini file - made sure the C:\todo.txt points to an existing file - but I don't know how to get the hotkeys to work - what do I press? ... please let me know - I'd love to get this working :)

Thu, May 7th at 01:46am (8 years ago)
yboris says:

Oh snap - I should have been more careful reading, I thought you misspelled some weird word but you wrote:

"Autoit" - meaning
it's like
"AutoHotKey" (AHK) which I've used.

Cheers! Thanks for sharing!

On my DeviantArt page this Rainmeter skin has a little box which you click and it opens the .txt file :)

Thu, May 7th at 01:51am (8 years ago)
hexhie says:

i downloaded the one with the button thingy but it doesn't work. there is a button but just that?

Mon, Feb 8th at 07:51am (7 years ago)
hexhie says:

nevermind got it working lol..

Mon, Feb 8th at 07:57am (7 years ago)

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Created by yboris
on December 27th, 2008


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