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Rainmeter Skins / Picture Browser & Changing Wallpapers HUD.Vision

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Picture Browser & Changing Wallpapers HUD.Vision include completed pack HUD.Vision -->

Show HUD.Vision in action :)

by: Jiri Mahel -->

Comments (5)

ArneAnka says:

What the **** are you up to? Submitting a lot of png-pictures, lately. Why don't you post your updated skins instead? Because I would like to use them... I really like your original HUD.Vision :-0

Thu, Aug 21st at 10:03am (9 years ago)
mepu says:

This is only screenshot NEW function on HUD.Vision.
Very easy install update, only download HUD.Vision new version or and complet update HUD.Vision
or manual update specific function, only show view "WHAT'S NEW?" in HUD.Vision readme

Thu, Aug 21st at 11:45am (9 years ago)
mepu says:

and not the problem with maintaining timeliness HUD.Vision, than if they were everywhere can be updated for each NEW function on HUD.Vision

Thu, Aug 21st at 11:52am (9 years ago)
ArneAnka says:

Sorry, didn't get that, my apologies... please, please, please with sugar on top and nasty fake cherries...

Sat, Aug 23rd at 06:19am (9 years ago)
ArneAnka says:

Now for some problems I have with it:
Network Info:
doesn't see my real LAN IP (, it only sees Localhost ( It sees the wrong subnet-MASK. And doesn't see my GATEWAY.
Locator IP:
extended ASCII-characters (in my city) doesn't show.
CPU temperature:
shows no temperature... and I did copy the plugin.
Is there a way to fix these things, or did I forget something?

Sat, Aug 23rd at 06:34am (9 years ago)

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Created by mepu
on August 20th, 2008


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