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Rainmeter Skins / HUD.Vision v2.2

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Artist's Note

Sorry for my absence. Life is hectic and short: o)
Working on new HUD Vision Plus.


Show HUD.Vision in action -->

~ Weather (new concept) [NEW VERSION!!] modified to work with AccuWeather.com !!!
Please visit to get your location code from AccuWeeather
~ CPU meter (display the top process) [NEW VERSION!!]

+ easy configuration
+ only defined dest. and system units
+ automatic view Fahrenheit and US system or Celsius and Metric system units
+ change language support
~ Happy.Name.Day (Czech only)
~ fixed WinAmp+Foobar interface
~ fixed Network.Info
~ remove Wireless

WinAmp+Foobar interface, new supported Foobar2000 :) [!!NEW VERSION!!]
~ only for Foobar2000 must install the special Winamp API file foo_winamp_spam.dll

into the folder: C:\Program Files\foobar2000\Components\

~ Support for Vista
~ Installation supported new/old weather icon themes!!! ;-)

0:) install Rainmeter, project live ! :)

1.) run installation HUD.Vision and choose Rainmeter folder

1.1) only for installation to !!! Windows Vista !!!
I bring up the Properties window for a folder,
uncheck read-only and apply it to the folder "Rainmeter" and all sub-items.
Now you can use HUD.Vision as well as in Windows XP.

2.) change weather (AccuWeeather) dest.
Please visit to get your location code from AccuWeeather
and show info in Weather.ACCU.ini

3.) only for "Picture Browser & Changing Wallpapers"
download NCONVERT and install to to Windows directory.
edit all ini files in directory "Picture.Browser+Wallpapers and
settings Monitor Resolution, example 1280x800 defined "-resize 1280 0"
and defined image path in variables "ImagePath".

4.) only for Foobar2000 "WinAmp+Foobar interface"
must install the special Winamp API file foo_winamp_spam.dll
into the folder: C:\Program Files\foobar2000\Components\

5.) other install info in "WHAT'S NEW?"

1.) Weather support icon themes !! (supp. themes for )
other weather themes icon search on deviantart.com
add new weather icon themes.. copy to "HUD.Vision\Black\Weather\" and "HUD.Vision\White\Weather\" directory

HUD.Vision v2.2

include meter:
CPU, CPU1, CPU2, CPU3, CPU4, CPU.Temperature
Network traffic download, upload, zoom, info
Clock + AM/PM, Date,
Calendar ~ (horizontal, vertical),
Picture Browser & Changing Wallpapers [!!NEW!!],
Info system
Weather (support 2 destination and icon themes)
RSS Reader
WinAmp+Foobar interface
Switch White Black HUD.Vision
Happy.Name.Day (Czech only)

~ Weather (new concept) [NEW VERSION!!] modified to work with AccuWeather.com !!!
Please visit to get your location code from AccuWeeather
~ CPU meter (display the top process) [NEW VERSION!!]
~ Weather (new concept) [NEW VERSION!!]
+ easy configuration
+ only defined dest. and system units
+ automatic view Fahrenheit and US system or Celsius and Metric system units
+ change language support
~ Happy.Name.Day (Czech only)
~ fixed WinAmp+Foobar interface
~ fixed Network.Info
~ remove Wireless
WinAmp+Foobar interface, new supported Foobar2000 :) [!!NEW VERSION!!]
- only for Foobar2000 must install the special Winamp API file foo_winamp_spam.dll

into the folder: C:\Program Files\foobar2000\Components\
Date supporting language CZECH and FRANCE
fixed InfoSystem ~ problem detecting windows vista as windows 2000
~ Installation supported new/old weather icon themes!!! ;-)
~ [!!NEW!!] Weather support icon themes !! (supp. themes for )
and new icon themes Weather.. (Wire ART weather icons) very thanks ~doraky
~ other weather themes icon search on deviantart.com
add new weather icon themes.. copy to "HUD.Vision\Black\Weather\" and "HUD.Vision\White\Weather\" directory
HUD.Vision support for Vista [!!NEW!!]
~ Switch White Black HUD.Vision
~ Picture Browser & Changing Wallpapers
~ Weather
~ Locator IP (support google maps ) - removed
Installation [!!NEW!!]
Weather ONE [!!NEW!!]
Quad-Core Support [!!NEW!!]
CPU3 & CPU4 :)
Picture Browser & Changing Wallpapers [!!NEW!!]
or to Windows directory !!
~ edit all ini files in directory "Picture.Browser+Wallpapers" and
settings Monitor Resolution, example 1280x800 defined "-resize 1280 0"
and defined image path in variables "ImagePath"
WinAmp interface [!NEW VERSION!]
NEW! Calendar ~ (horizontal, vertical)
update & fixed Date
fixed Locator IP
new RSSReader-BBS.World.News
fixed Switch.White-Black
update Clock ~ supported AM/PM
fix Weather
update Wireless

by: Jiri Mahel -->

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Comments (123)

aztack says:

what's the girl's name in the 2nd snapshot

Sun, May 18th at 02:02am (9 years ago)
TreaHuggs says:

How can one change it to their local weather? I love you skin but what good does it do me to know the weather in another location which i will not vist?

Wed, Jun 4th at 09:50pm (9 years ago)
TreaHuggs says:

Nvm i got it. I love your skins. I have one more question that i cant seem to figure out, How can i set the border to the lenth of the skin so i can more easily drag and drop it?

Wed, Jun 4th at 11:23pm (9 years ago)
jestergod says:

i love this skin but am not sure at all how to adjust the weather info to a city in the usa. can anyone post here an easy way to get it to work like that?

Mon, Jun 9th at 06:09pm (9 years ago)
nomisss says:

Her name is 'Misa Campo'.

Does anyone know what the tapped picture is from? I can't seem to find it in the HUD.Vision skins, is it from something else?

Sat, Jun 14th at 01:04pm (9 years ago)

The taped picture is probably a scotch tape mod to CoverSutra or to CAD.

Sun, Jun 15th at 07:13pm (9 years ago)

I seem to miss something: how to utilize that CPU temperature thingy? It couldn't pop up.

Thanks for sharing this, it's totally awesome.

Mon, Jul 28th at 09:03am (9 years ago)

CPU temp display will only work if the motherboard in your computer supports the function. If you have an older computer, or a commercial built computer (Dell, HP, etc) it probably wont work.

Now for my question.

Im connected to a wireless network, but I cant get the wireless display plugin to work, its just all blank. I checked the config file but didnt see anything to change, any ideas on how to get it to work.

PS very awesome skin set, I love it and will use it above all others.

Wed, Sep 3rd at 11:04pm (9 years ago)

OK, I figured it out haha, sorry!

Thu, Sep 4th at 12:08am (9 years ago)
dustyken says:

Okay. I'm having the hardest time installing this. Every time I try to copy CoreTempPlugin.dll and MailMeter.dll to the plugin directory, I get an error message saying that they are invalid plugins. Am I just stupid or is something wrong? It won't hurt my feelings if you call me stupid.

Sat, Sep 6th at 12:52am (9 years ago)
Cascadian says:

I'm having DarkEmpyrean's problem figuring out how to get the wireless display to work, but I'm not having his success in coming up with an answer. Can anyone give me any hints?

Fri, Sep 12th at 09:31pm (9 years ago)
Cycoris says:

How do you change the weather to your local one?? I don't really get it.

Mon, Sep 15th at 06:40pm (9 years ago)
gyrad0s says:

yeah im wondering th same is weather in our area? also how do i get the picture in the picture.browser+wallpaper this is so confusing!

Thu, Sep 18th at 11:32pm (9 years ago)
gyrad0s says:

i got the weather now how can i get the picture in the picture.browser+wallpaper?

Fri, Sep 19th at 12:19am (9 years ago)
haydenphb says:

how do you get the e-mail to check yer e-mail...can't figure this one out

Tue, Oct 14th at 08:53am (9 years ago)
Mouthy1 says:

Heres a quick how to for the weather problem folks:

Go to your weather widget's skin menu->Edit Skin...

Find (Ctrl+F) Brno and change the values there to your city. To find your weather code go to weather.com and find your city. Copy the text after /local/ and paste it into the .ini

Anyone know how to get the White/Black switch to work?

Thu, Oct 23rd at 02:29pm (9 years ago)
ThaSawce says:

The white/black switch worked fine for me... Anyone know how to get the winamp plugin to display album art?

Tue, Oct 28th at 07:41pm (9 years ago)

the weather...
it works..

Tue, Nov 11th at 12:08pm (9 years ago)
Tawk says:

any way to limit the number of characters the winamp interface displays?

Mon, Nov 17th at 08:55am (9 years ago)

Hey awesome skin but i have a question about the weather. Ive copied and pasted the specified txt into the correct positions but for some reason it is still displaying Brno and trebic. I'm in dire need of some help, this seems very simple but for some reason its just not working for me.

Thu, Nov 20th at 12:00pm (9 years ago)
rmpbklyn says:


Fri, Nov 28th at 12:14pm (9 years ago)
kazn828 says:

Does anyone kno where to get the older versions weather icon? the wireones great but i prefer the older 1

Fri, Nov 28th at 10:13pm (9 years ago)
mepu says:

The older versions weather icon included in HUD.Vision v1.8 ;)

Sat, Nov 29th at 03:37pm (9 years ago)

i'm having a problem with the InfoSystem skin. my anti-virus is detecting the TR\Downloader.Gen Trojan in the SysInfo.dll plugin.
even if i ignore it, the information does not apear to be right.
can this be the same case as the CPU Temperature?
i use HUD.Vision v1.8 on my HP laptop.
it's a awesome skin and i'd like to use it to the max.
thx anyway.

Tue, Dec 2nd at 09:49pm (9 years ago)
mepu says:

HUD.Vision no virus!! HUD.Vision is my free visions ;)
problem in SysInfo.dll fixed in version 1.8!

CPU Temperature problems -- problem is processor not supported

Wed, Dec 3rd at 05:30am (9 years ago)

thx, it's really working now.
i still have a problem tough... it's detecting my windows vista as windows 2000 in the InfoSystem

Wed, Dec 3rd at 07:41am (9 years ago)
mepu says:

problem is fixed

Fri, Dec 5th at 07:03pm (9 years ago)
hof8231 says:

I know there are still some people having trouble with the local weather so here's what I did to get it to work. Not sure if it was what was recommended in the first place, but it's what I did.

-With the weather skin on the desktop, right click it. Then, go to skin menu and then edit skin.
-copy the entire contents of the file and open a new notepad page by hitting Ctrl N. Paste the text into this new document.

-Next, find your weather code at weather.com by typing in your city and looking in the address bar. It should start with US then have your state abbreviations and have 4 numbers or so after it. Copy that.

-Next, go into your new document and paste that in both the spot that says "Brno" and "USNY####" (with real numbers where the #s are, obviously). The spot for that is right under where it says "Please replace your location code...."

-After you paste your code into those 2 spots, go to file and then save as. Save it as whatever you'd like but make sure to put .ini after it. Mine, for example, is Philadelphia.ini. Save it in your documents.

-Go into your documents and fine your _______.ini file. Right click and select "Copy". Now open up the rainmeter folder which should be in C://ProgramFiles/Rainmeter. Go into Skins then Hud.vision, then whichever color you want, then weather, then right click anywhere in there and select paste. Keep this folder open.

-After that, close rainmeter, the icon should be in the bottom right task bar, by right clicking and choosing exit. Now, right click on your ___________.ini file which is now in the Weather folder of rainmeter. Select "Open With" and go to program files, rain meter, and click on the rain meter file in that folder. Click Ok. This should open rain meter with your new location saved in the weather area.

If you have any questions, please message me.

Sat, Dec 20th at 02:44pm (9 years ago)
dleonseng says:

one question regarding the info shown for the hdds. does the graph represents amount of data written on it? or read from it? or does it just show the hdd activity? because when i was transferin files btwn partitions i find it weird to see the activity of the partition in which the files are taken from, shows no activity

Sun, Dec 21st at 09:45am (9 years ago)
Alib8000 says:


How do I get the Winamp thing to work? (Play music)

Tue, Dec 23rd at 08:05am (9 years ago)
Eskem0 says:

With the Winamp plugin Im very curious to add a Volume function. What I was trying to do was add it to the end and have the simi-circle the other way around and have either a dragable control or "+" "-"

Could this be a possible little patch ? Or just email me the right code. ( im a horrible coder )

Wed, Jan 14th at 01:22am (9 years ago)
bhaal13 says:

Im sure everyone is sick about hearing and reading about the weather part but i have a question about the temp. display: is there anyway to get it to display the temperature in degrees kelvin as opposed to only centigrade and fahrenheit? thanks in advance no matter the answer

Wed, Jan 14th at 08:22am (9 years ago)
Diquito says:

Any one got the wireless to work?
Can't get it to work it doesn't show the wireless data. Only I flat line...
Anyone? Pliiiz!!!

Wed, Jan 28th at 04:46am (9 years ago)
themee says:

Found this pic and theres clock in the upleft corner
It looks just like the other hud.vision widgets but cant find it. So doubting its from it originally.
Anyway if any one knows what it is i would really appreciate the help!


Fri, Jan 30th at 08:55am (9 years ago)
themee says:

and of course i blew the link >.<

Fri, Jan 30th at 08:57am (9 years ago)

Can anyone teach me how to install the Picture Browser & Changing Wallpapers thing? I also can't install the Nconvert, like the command prompt pops up but only for like a millisecond.

Fri, Jan 30th at 02:12pm (9 years ago)

I can't figure out how to get the winamp+foobar.interface working correctly. Help? /:

Sat, Jan 31st at 11:36pm (9 years ago)
brnmtf says:


is there any chance to show download amount after restart of pc? or even better - show download amount for 24 hours - ( 0:00 - 24:00)

that should be very useful for those who has restrictions in using network traffic.

Tue, Feb 3rd at 03:52pm (9 years ago)

im not sure whats wrong but when i download the file my computer tells me it cannot save it cuz of an unknown error. anyone know how to fix that?

Sat, Feb 14th at 01:42am (9 years ago)
FoxtheSly says:

Maybe I missed it, but is there a way to save the position of the widgets when I play a full screen game at a different resolution? For example, if my resolution is 1920x1200 and I play a game that only supports up to 1024x768, when I exit the game is there a way the widgets will snap back to their original 1920x1200 positions?


Sun, Feb 15th at 06:01am (9 years ago)
Ham93 says:

I need some instructions on how to Use the Picture Browser + Wallpaper... I downloaded the NCONVERT but i don't know how to install to the Windows Directory... can someone help please :(

Mon, Feb 16th at 07:36am (9 years ago)
FoxtheSly says:

OK, I found the solution to my problem with Rainmeter. In order to keep the widgets in their original positions despite resolution changes, you have to UNCHECK the "Keep on screen" option. I thought that was for keeping them from being unloaded or something like that.

Wed, Feb 18th at 05:47am (9 years ago)
GKraften says:

What's the alternative launch bar-thingie being run here? I've tried to JFGI, but so far without any luck...

Can anyone help me identify it?

Wed, Feb 18th at 04:35pm (9 years ago)
wethebest says:

Hi everyone! can anyone please give me a link to download HUD.Vision v1.9 as most of the links are either dead or have virus in it.
Thanks in advance!

Wed, Feb 18th at 05:24pm (9 years ago)
Busman says:

Does anybody know what else i have to do to get the email to work. I've put in my pop3 and my email account name minus the @XXXXX.com and my password but i can't get it to work correctly. Can somebody help me please? Thank you.

Thu, Feb 19th at 03:18pm (9 years ago)

can anyone explian further on installing the winamp foobar pluggin? i still can't get to work >.< thanks very much.

Thu, Feb 19th at 11:19pm (9 years ago)
selivandr says:

strange thing: cpu temp works fine under WinXP without any SpeedFan. But it can't start in Win7. Anybody has the same?

Sun, Mar 8th at 05:42pm (8 years ago)

Strange, I can't seem to download it
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tue, Mar 10th at 06:04pm (8 years ago)
kullik101 says:

My antivirus blocks the download, says its a trojan... is this so? if it's not how do i get around it

Sat, Mar 14th at 10:44am (8 years ago)
cumac_03 says:

Every time I try to customize this or any other rainmeter skin (skin menu, edit skin...). I receive an error message reading:
"Cannot create the C:\Program Files\Rainmeter... .ini
Make sure the path and file name are correct."

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
If so what is wrong and/or how do I fix?
Greatly appreciated, thanks!

Sat, Apr 11th at 08:17pm (8 years ago)
impeh says:

i really want this, but my avntivirus says its a keylogger?

Mon, Apr 13th at 05:50am (8 years ago)
mepu says:

Hello "impeh" antivirus name is?

HUD.Vision no keylogger, virus, etc..
HUD.Vision is my free project.

Mon, Apr 13th at 01:36pm (8 years ago)
impeh says:

its spyware doctor... but thanks ill download this again tomorrow :)

Mon, Apr 13th at 04:16pm (8 years ago)
Chewtoy says:

I seriously like this skin. <3
Two things thou.
1. Since when was Tuesday a month and April a day? I suppose that you have mixed up the place for the day and month... So that's something to fix...
2. The foobarplugin is supernice, but when there is asong with the length say 1:09 it will show it as 1:9, leving out the zero.

Except that, I can't find any flaws in this lovely skin.<3

Tue, Apr 14th at 12:18pm (8 years ago)
impeh says:

do you put this in the skins folder?

i double click HUD.Vision after ive downloaded it and it asks me to choose a program to open it with, even if i choose rainmeter it doesnt do anything.. :(

im new :p

Tue, Apr 14th at 05:51pm (8 years ago)
impeh says:

cant find edit button :x

if anyone knows any links to a newbies guide, id be grateful :)

Tue, Apr 14th at 05:55pm (8 years ago)
mad-pi says:

Hello please answer my question, how rename days of the week of "weather"?

Thanks by answers

Sory by my english

Sat, Apr 18th at 12:15am (8 years ago)


Sun, Apr 19th at 08:42am (8 years ago)

Anyone here know where to change my weather location? cause i get my location code and i have no idea where to edit it .

Sun, May 17th at 12:04pm (8 years ago)
markv says:

I got the weather widget to work but when I click on the 2nd destination, it just refreshes with the weather from destination one. Anyone know how to fix that?

I entered two seperate city's weather code for each destination fyi.

Thu, May 21st at 05:53pm (8 years ago)
monobloc says:

i cant do the foobar plugin please help me out send me an email about this stuff its the only thing i cant do please help me with this thing.. thnks

Fri, May 22nd at 02:48pm (8 years ago)
Sullyman says:

I'm having a problem with the weather. It will not let me save my weather.ini when configuring it to Los Angeles. How do I fix this?

Plus how do I configure my CPU temperature? I have the .dll in my plugins folder, but it won't register.


Fri, May 29th at 03:35pm (8 years ago)

I am willing to bet you are using windows Vista or 7, that being teh case you will want to run rainmeter with Admin Privies, this will allow Rainmeter to auto save it's index file.

The CPU Tem skin unfortunately does not work in Vista or 7 at this time.

Sun, Jun 7th at 04:44pm (8 years ago)
Shik13 says:

love this skin, made me go get Rainmeter just to use it.

Got the weather to work, no problems

Can't get the WinAmp to do anything. I have the newest WinAmp. Running Vista 64. I see the WinAmp HUD.Vison widget but it does not do anything when I click on it.

Sat, Jun 20th at 10:28am (8 years ago)
Shik13 says:

bueller..... bueller.... :-)

Mon, Jun 22nd at 10:59pm (8 years ago)

@ Shik13

I just started using the 64 bit environment recently and have yet to get all th enuances ironed out.

I am immediately unsure of the possible issues.

I will test this issue and see what I come up with.

Are you using the Rainmeter 32 bit, 32 bit untested release, or the 64 bit?

Fri, Jul 3rd at 01:53pm (8 years ago)

i really like the skin, but the weather icons are not very good. theyre really tacky. otherwise, fantastic skin.

Fri, Jul 3rd at 04:48pm (8 years ago)
Lunabel says:

hud.vision is the best!
please update weather config to work with any other weather site, cause weather.com disabled the feeds!

Wed, Jul 8th at 08:24am (8 years ago)
mepu says:

Hello, weather problems find, problem is new authentification in parameter in request, temporary solution to this, at the end of your parameter URL in Weather.ini add this string without quotes! "&prod=xoap&par=1063802062&key=6f64e4112

Wed, Jul 8th at 12:30pm (8 years ago)
corqui says:

thanks mepu, but i don´t know what the parameter url is. (?)
is it the following?


that's the only url i can find in the code

if that's the case then i already tried but i'm still getting nothing...
could it be that i am outside the US?

Wed, Jul 8th at 04:51pm (8 years ago)

Mepu, I love HUD.Vision!

Regarding the issue with Weather.com, considering how drastically they have changed their xoap xml feed, can I suggest that you might consider changing HUD.Vision so that it uses Accuweather.com instead of Weather.com?

You may be aware of it already, but there's a thread over at the Rainmeter Forums about Weather.com's change to the feed here:

I'd love to keep using HUD.Vision's weather config, but I'm personally not comfortable using Weather.com's feed and would love to use Accuweather.com, but I don't know enough about how it all works to make the change myself to my config.

Anyway, just an idea. Thanks again for all your hard work with HUD.Vision so far, it's really awesome. :)

Wed, Jul 8th at 11:41pm (8 years ago)
mepu says:

Accuweather.com is good mainly for the U.S., few cities in Europe, etc.: (

Thu, Jul 9th at 02:24am (8 years ago)

Ah, problem then. :(

Thu, Jul 9th at 03:53pm (8 years ago)

Actually AccuWeather.com has the best coverage internationally

I negotiated the license with them, we should have no issues, and better coverage than Weather.com, go back and review their list my friend

Fri, Jul 10th at 12:48am (8 years ago)

and please be careful with your ID code, by accepting that ID you are now bound by contractual agreement, and your skin is not in compliance with weather.com's new regulations.

be careful

Fri, Jul 10th at 12:51am (8 years ago)

your weather tool is different from other's !why?

Sat, Jul 11th at 12:01pm (8 years ago)

Ok folks and Mepu

I have an AccuWeather conversion for Mepu's HUD Vision Weather-one at the Rainmeter forums.
Swing by and download and/or test the beta

I will release to General public when I am satisfied of the skins usability

Mon, Jul 13th at 12:46am (8 years ago)

And again all others here.

I just released a Beta 2
This has several fixes and is now available in both Black and white

Swing by the Rainmeter forum's Skin Beta Testing thread to get the latest Download


Tue, Jul 14th at 09:46am (8 years ago)
SpReEwElL says:

Hi, im trying to find the wallpaper on the last column and row under the "Or, try these alternative versions". its the one with the girl with headphones on in black and white. If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Mon, Jul 20th at 12:44am (8 years ago)
mepu says:

Sorry for my bad English. I want all my friends to draw attention to one thing, gave me a lot of work to invent concepts HUD.Vision. So please, if you are doing to improve remarkably similar HUD.Vision, such as "SGT Splicer's HUD AccuWeather, at least include information about me as an author, a reference to the original HUD.Vision. url, etc. .. Thanks. Have a beautiful day.

Wed, Jul 22nd at 04:36am (8 years ago)

With my apologies my Friend

Wed, Jul 22nd at 05:29am (8 years ago)

where can i find the pisture with the airplane?can u give me a link?

Sun, Jul 26th at 07:04pm (8 years ago)
coolmine says:

Is it possible to change the download and upload speed from kilobits to kilobytes (network config) ?

Fri, Jul 31st at 10:43am (8 years ago)

Why can't I click on the RSS reader stories?

Tue, Aug 4th at 05:47pm (8 years ago)
agc9e says:

I would love to have that wallpaper of the SU-47 Berkut. Anyone know where it comes form?

Mon, Aug 10th at 10:33pm (8 years ago)
babyballa says:

whos the girl with the headphones (last picture) i seriously need to know.

Sun, Aug 30th at 06:59pm (8 years ago)

why the OldWeather doesn't work ??

Mon, Aug 31st at 08:37am (8 years ago)
Soscan says:

So I've been using HUD.Vision since I found out about rainmeter and haven't even thought about changing to something else. Awesome skin!

However I've never been able to switch locations in the weather skin, previous version or current. I've put all the values into the file and it even shows up on the skin. But when I click to refresh no matter where I only get the right location. (or "dest2") Any ideas?

System Info - Vista, need anything else?

Thu, Sep 17th at 12:58pm (8 years ago)
Tikiville says:

Thank you!!

Fri, Sep 18th at 03:29am (8 years ago)
Dj_Zeco says:

Lovely skin.
My White/Black button is not working properly, when i click for the black layout it just refreshes the skin but it remains white. Someone please help me.
I have tried using both Vista.ini and the regular .ini and nothin works

Thu, Oct 22nd at 03:24pm (8 years ago)

Why did the exe file try to install infostealer as well!?

Sat, Oct 24th at 02:50am (8 years ago)
jshikhman says:

Same as Enthusiastic above me, before I ran the .exe I ran a anti-virus scan and it told me the file is infected with a Infostealer.Gampass virus. I would really want to install HUD Vision but I won't/can't if there is a virus or spyware in the program.

Wed, Oct 28th at 05:24pm (8 years ago)

The link to weather locations is dead...where can we get them?

Tue, Nov 3rd at 10:38am (8 years ago)
hartattk says:

is there a way to make HV recognise certain HDD's? atm its seeing my c (os drive), d (dvd) and e (storage 1) but instead of seeing d i want it to see f (storage 2)

Tue, Nov 10th at 07:03am (8 years ago)
GoughGhan says:

I've been using this skin for quite some time. Though the Network in and out needs to be updated for Win7 as it uses all the adapters at once, and gives a false reading.

Sat, Nov 21st at 10:26am (8 years ago)
dazzlers says:

I got a trojan alert when i downloaded this file.. Norton says so.. any one got a clean copy??

Mon, Dec 14th at 01:48am (8 years ago)

where did you get that dock and nice wall paper

Mon, Dec 21st at 06:34am (8 years ago)
setotitan says:

can anyone help me. i'm running XP, and when i run the HUD Vision, i choose the dir where Rainmeter is, and it looks like it's installing fine. it stops and says something about installing the new weather images and do i accept or decline, i hit accept and it finishes. but i can't see the skin or theme or anything in Rainmeter :( any idea what i'm doing wrong?

Thu, Dec 24th at 04:22pm (8 years ago)
setotitan says:

ahh found it.. the problem was it was installing to "Program Files\Rainmeter\Skins" when it needed to install to "My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins" however i still do have another issue. i know it's not very "artsy" but i need a digital clock. i hate reading the ones with hands. can anyone recommend a good one who's style would complement Enigma and or HUD?

Thu, Dec 24th at 04:31pm (8 years ago)
kenshinco says:

i scan and found trojan name TR/AgentX.2165878 in the "fileExec.exe" file. what do u mean by "clean" and contain trojan in it mepu?

Thu, Jan 21st at 12:07am (8 years ago)

Interestingly enough, my anti-virus software (Avast!) keeps making a big deal about some virus/malware in the download file. It says it's called "Win32:Malware-gen" :P

I really love this skin, but I can't risk any infections right now. So my download of this skin will be on hiatus until I (or someone) figures this out.

Sun, Jan 24th at 04:08am (8 years ago)

UPDATE: I just downloaded it now, and Avast did nothing. I thought I'd let you know. :P

Tue, Jan 26th at 09:43pm (8 years ago)

I'm getting the alert for the "TR/AgentX.2165878" in the "fileExec.exe" file too.
Would really like to know about this, since I enjoy this skin so much, but wouldn't like getting infected.

Sun, Feb 7th at 01:39pm (8 years ago)

I wish the .exe would stop showing up as a virus. I really love this skin.

Thu, Feb 25th at 08:14pm (7 years ago)

what is the name of the wallpaper on the last screenshot?

Wed, Apr 7th at 09:45pm (7 years ago)
zhouzo says:


Thu, Apr 22nd at 03:23am (7 years ago)

Im just wondering who might the girl in the tapped wallpaper be ?


Thu, May 6th at 01:53am (7 years ago)
weronique says:

je to super, ďakujem ;) a možem sa spýtať ako prenastavím to po počasie na Olomouc? som z toho troška mimo...

Fri, May 14th at 05:29pm (7 years ago)

Has anyone figured out if there really is a trojan in this skin? My Norton 360 found it literally as soon as it finished downloaded it and proceeded to quarantine it so.. This skin is particularly bad ass and i would love it, but as others have voiced, im not in the mood to deal with a trojan or other malware...

Sun, Jun 6th at 05:16pm (7 years ago)

Waa ! So cool....

Sun, Jul 4th at 12:12am (7 years ago)

hey im new ta this and i need some help.

how do i change the datevision from czech to english?
and my weather vision says N/A. how do i fix these problems? and this skin looks awesome.

Sun, Jul 4th at 02:26am (7 years ago)
Toonaero says:

wait noob question here but ive installed hud.vision into the rainmeter folder and unchecked red only but how do i use it?

Thu, Jul 8th at 11:50am (7 years ago)

When I download this, it gives my computer a trojan virus

Mon, Oct 4th at 07:10pm (7 years ago)

Can you upload the wallpaper with the jet on it?

Thanks =)

Sat, Oct 30th at 06:42pm (7 years ago)
koyomi117 says:

i cant really make the weather work i dont know why maybe im doing it wrong...but thnx its a great skin...

and can u make cpu 5-8.. i would really be grateful..

Thu, Jan 6th at 10:50pm (7 years ago)
DarkS2K says:

Ad-aware detects this as a Trojan.

Wed, Jan 12th at 07:33pm (7 years ago)
Massacher says:

hi love your skin. i have a problem though.

i want the date to appear as Day, Month, Date and then Year.
i want Year to appear under the line. the Day and Year are linked together as far as i can tell. how do i separate them?

Wed, Apr 20th at 06:30am (6 years ago)

virustotal report 12 detections :

Tue, Apr 26th at 04:11pm (6 years ago)
isuzo says:

Anyone got the unedited version of this?

I'd like it to use with my HUD.Vision setup — 1920x1080 please.

Sun, May 15th at 12:26pm (6 years ago)
akatsukix says:

.exe get flagged by symantec and quarantined by my IT department - any chance of a conventional rmskin?

Fri, Sep 2nd at 09:36am (6 years ago)

I can't download the file.Error:( Application error (Apache) Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html)

Tue, Feb 14th at 01:48am (6 years ago)
Berenost says:

so i downloaded this, and whenever i run the .exe, it pops up that the file is not compatible with my version of windows. im running windows 7 ultimate x64 SP1.

Wed, Jun 26th at 01:22pm (4 years ago)
Berenost says:

found out what the problem might be, says its 700 something KB but when downloaded, it is only 5 bytes in size.

Fri, Jun 28th at 07:14am (4 years ago)

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