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Rainmeter Skins / Black Glass

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Artist's Note

The theme has 5 separate Modules that can be Assembled up for a sidebar.
It's my first theme for rainmeter.Wish you like it.

The BGSystem Module is modded from "Katana" by ivyleaf.
Many thanks to his great work!

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Comments (16)

LAvalon says:

english is not my native language
so if there are grammar or spelling mistakes in my speech,feel free to tell me :)

Sat, Mar 10th at 02:02am (10 years ago)
Nylons says:

Quite a nice rainmeter, keep it up.
By the way, it should be "Drive(s)", not "Driver" ;)

Sat, Mar 10th at 04:12am (10 years ago)
LAvalon says:

Thank you! Nylons
I'll fix it.
But before that, could anyone tell me how to reupload the file?
I am not getting familiar with here yet.
Do I have to Submitte another post?

Sat, Mar 10th at 07:30am (10 years ago)
LAvalon says:

I got it,
its in the "Your Account".
Bug fixed file uploaded :)

Sat, Mar 10th at 07:51am (10 years ago)
iwog says:

I love the raimeter skin, very simple and useful. Just had to add more drives to it to feed my monster computer. But i have to ask why did you choose at antialias all the text? I found that its much clearer if you remove the function.

Mon, May 21st at 04:23am (10 years ago)
amgine says:

Good looking skin. downloading now.

off topic: man customize.org has come back. i was a member when this site was for sale on ebay! /off topic

Wed, Jan 21st at 09:40pm (9 years ago)
Modig says:

Hmm, the CPU usage doesn't work for me ;p quite anoying...

Thu, May 14th at 06:47am (8 years ago)
Modig says:

Never mind ;> Fix'd it :)

Thu, May 14th at 08:17am (8 years ago)

Thanks ;-) i had to change the font it was so tiny but great skin.

Sat, Jul 4th at 12:16am (8 years ago)
Gunby says:

Do you think you can make a module for an iTunes player?

Sun, Aug 30th at 08:37pm (8 years ago)
ms1185 says:

very good and funny colors!

Thu, Jan 14th at 08:24am (8 years ago)

lavalon, i have your calendar (tweaked by carmat btw) and i want to get monday as my first day nstead of sunday. any advice?
also i woul like to get all sunday date in red plus i would like to change month names from english to croatian. please help.

Wed, Jul 7th at 09:42am (7 years ago)
Eversor says:

Hi! Thx for your skin. I allowed myself to modify it a little bit. My end work is here: . Hope you wont be mad. Added info about you in both Artist note, and ReadMe file.

Mon, Sep 27th at 02:45pm (7 years ago)
deani77 says:

Great skin... Thanks for sharing it

Sun, Oct 31st at 09:13am (7 years ago)
judazoats says:

I like it

Sun, Jun 3rd at 10:51am (5 years ago)

looks like the perfect skin that ive been looking for, just want to know if u can change the font?

Thu, Apr 10th at 08:02pm (3 years ago)

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Created by LAvalon
on March 10th, 2007


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