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Rainmeter Skins / Gmail Popup Mailchecker

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Artist's Note

This skin is a Rainmeter config which checks your Gmail account, and alerts you of new messages with a toaster popup. It supports multiple messages, notification sounds, etc.

Please read the README included in the file for information on installation and configuration.

Note: I wrote this for Rainmeter as a Litestep plugin, so it won't work as a standalone Rainmeter config.

This skin is OPEN SOURCE. Don't worry about asking me for permission to mod and or release it. Just give me credit.


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Comments (15)


it looks beautiful... but i don't need it, hopefully someone else will appreciate it

Tue, Nov 7th at 01:10pm (11 years ago)
split says:

nice. i'll have to look at the coding and turn it into a litestep addon. *edit* well i guess that'll make things a lot easier then :P

Tue, Nov 7th at 01:58pm (11 years ago)
egolatra says:

nice nice

Tue, Nov 7th at 03:29pm (11 years ago)

I should add that this is not just another mail checker. Gmail does not support POP3 and requires a SSL login. Since I couldn't find any Litestep plugins to meet these requirements, I wrote this, which uses Gmail's XML/ATOM feed.

split: I think you misread. This is a Litestep addon, it isn't a standalone Rainmeter config. =]

2JSC & ekoshyun I'm working on it =]

Tue, Nov 7th at 05:01pm (11 years ago)
2JSC says:

aww poo - don't wanna mess with lightsetp just for this... consider a port?

Tue, Nov 7th at 07:35pm (11 years ago)
ekoshyun says:

yeah, id love a standalone port for this ^_^

Wed, Nov 8th at 02:40pm (11 years ago)
Fiper says:

Mail checker is a brillliant stuff. But is there any for Yahoo mail?

Mon, Nov 27th at 02:29pm (11 years ago)
fubu says:

how do I install this? :S

Sun, May 13th at 06:28pm (10 years ago)

I understand this plug-in was made to run with litestep and rainmeter. Is there any chance to make this plugin work as a standalone rainmeter skin?

Thu, Jun 28th at 03:10pm (10 years ago)
2tudio says:

Hey Dustin

I was looking for a rainmeter config to read how many unread emails were in my gmail inbox. I found this file and stipped it down to what i needed, maily so i could run it without litestep. It works great except that i cant figure out how to configure it to work with my google apps gmail account. The rss feeds are identical so its not the parser. Im guessing its the URL

Im using the following for my regular gmail account which works fine:


This is what im using for my google apps gmail account:


Tried all types of combinations only difference i can see is when i open the regular url in firefox im asked for username and password but when i open the google apps url it forwards straight through. Therefor im thinking theres a different type of security which maybe the problem.

Any ideas or a solution will be very appreciated, ill make sure i give you a mention when i release my full config and skin. Also do you know how to read in how much space is left on your gmail account???



Wed, Nov 26th at 03:20am (9 years ago)


you wouldn't want to post your how-many-unread gmail emails config would you?


Wed, Dec 3rd at 02:55pm (9 years ago)

I love this but I need a standalone version! Hope you make one sometime!

Thu, Jul 16th at 12:44pm (8 years ago)
plander says:

nice work :) how i can install modules?

Fri, Oct 1st at 01:14pm (7 years ago)

Works for me (opens gmail when I click it) but I keep getting these errors...

Unknown !bang: !pause
Unknown !bang: execute[!RainmeterHide][!RainmeterHideMe
Unknown !bang: execute[!RainmeterShow][!RainmeterShowMeter

Sat, Mar 5th at 02:13am (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

I found the issue to that problem which I was having.

Find this line: IfBelowAction=execute[RainmeterHide][Rai
nmeterHideMeter MultMessages]

Edit it to the way I have it. Should fix one error. As for the other errors, there is bangs "!" where they're not suppose to be. This skin looks to be made to work for older Rainmeters. I'll tinker around with it more.

Wed, Mar 16th at 03:33pm (6 years ago)

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Created by quintessence
on November 7th, 2006


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