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Rainmeter Skins / Chuck Norris Facts

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Artist's Note

Using the quote plugin to display some facts about Chuck Norris ( Thanks to ).

Click on Chuck ( carrefully ! ) to change facts

Editing should be easier with variables.


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Fri, Oct 6th at 03:28am (11 years ago)

yea jer LOL

Fri, Oct 6th at 04:40am (11 years ago)

nice :D

Fri, Oct 6th at 05:01am (11 years ago)
swmmng says:

Woulda been good about a year ago, before that was played out. Nice implementation, though.

Fri, Oct 6th at 07:32am (11 years ago)
nitzua says:

it was played out the minute someone said the first line

Fri, Oct 6th at 08:50am (11 years ago)
elSprogo says:

For some reason I can't drag it, it's stuck in the default location all the time :(

Fri, Oct 6th at 11:05am (11 years ago)
09wkd says:

elSprogo That's because only Chuck can decide where it shall be placed.

Fri, Oct 6th at 03:09pm (11 years ago)
R I P says:

chuck norris?

Fri, Oct 6th at 07:16pm (11 years ago)
slowave says:

This is now the centerpiece of my desktop.

Fri, Oct 6th at 10:27pm (11 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

LOL.. dude new chuck quotes never cease to amuse me.. sweet simple idea simply implemented well.

Sat, Oct 7th at 07:36pm (11 years ago)

Great idea, excellent work.

Mon, Oct 9th at 07:49pm (11 years ago)

would like to beable to move it man, anychance you could ask him kinfly to move to the bottom right corner instead? please

Tue, Oct 14th at 01:10pm (9 years ago)

You have to grab the text to drag. The pic is the button so you can't drag it.

Wed, Feb 4th at 04:44pm (9 years ago)

LOL, this is one of the main attractions of my desktop. Nice to have a little CHUCK-LE every now and then AHHHHHHHH

Fri, Oct 22nd at 12:04am (7 years ago)

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Created by jER
on October 6th, 2006


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