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Artist's Note

A simple weather widget that gets XML data from Weather.com, not unstable RssWeather.
You need to modify your location code in the .ini files for correct weather status.

- Weather icons by Robert Wünsch, -

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Comments (22)


Handy, compact, discreet, nice icons, good font... Nice work!

Thu, Jun 8th at 07:24pm (11 years ago)
sbbath says:

nice, but i don't get a degree symbol, i get the cents symbol and an x edit: I got it, you should change the cX to in the prefix

Thu, Jun 8th at 04:33pm (11 years ago)

love it!

Thu, Jun 8th at 07:25pm (11 years ago)
moxamax says:

I've check all the degree symbols in ini files but nothing goes wrong. I think it might cause by the Chinese text-encode(BIG5) what I use.

Fri, Jun 9th at 04:14am (11 years ago)
SirPsycho says:

Very nice indeed.

Fri, Jun 9th at 07:27am (11 years ago)
TTownTony says:

[HELP] I like it a lot, but I get some funky "x" to the right of the degree symbol. Any suggestion as to how I can rid of them? And yes, I have my zipcode correctly placed in the script. [HELP]

Mon, Jun 12th at 07:29pm (11 years ago)

I applaud your decision to use something other than rssweather (hate that thing), but I can't get this to read the xml feed. And I've got the "x" too. [EDIT] Nevermind, I got it. The trick is simply to substititute the locality number within the originally scripted url, not to replace the url. My bad. It would be nice if there was a way to change the font color; this is nearly invisible on anything other than a dark background. [EDIT] Nevermind, found that too. "X" is always going to display as "X", you might want to change that to a more universal character set.

Sat, Sep 23rd at 10:57am (11 years ago)

Does anyone know from where moxamax got the "id=" and "StringIndex=" codes? I'd like to customize my copy of the script a bit. I emailed moxamax, but haven't yet got a response. Looks like he's been inactive for about a year.

Please respond here or pm me if you can help, plz.

Fri, Feb 8th at 10:05pm (10 years ago)
nme says:

If you want this work properly you're going to have to open up "Taipei - 4days.ini" and/or "Taipei - today.ini" and replace the all the "¢X" with "ºC" (I used Notepad++ for this).

There are five of these in total. Then save the .ini, refresh all, and it should work.

This is a great little tool.

Sat, Dec 13th at 08:28am (9 years ago)
rubai says:

This is a very nice, clean, and simple skin. But my weather code (CAXX0485) doesn't seem to show the weather description (e.g. Cloudy) and also the the weather icon next to it. Any ideas to fix it? Thanks.

Tue, Mar 17th at 06:04am (8 years ago)

something's gone wrong with weather.com and now I don't get readings, how do I fix this

Thu, Jul 9th at 06:48am (8 years ago)
northrop says:

so it's not just me then. anyone's got a fix?

Thu, Jul 9th at 09:11pm (8 years ago)
distilled says:

mine wasn't either. go into the config and change the 'xoap' to 'xml' in the address. fixed mine right away.

Fri, Jul 10th at 09:45pm (8 years ago)

distiled you're amazing, cheers

Sun, Jul 12th at 10:54am (8 years ago)
northrop says:

thanks distilled!

Sun, Jul 12th at 03:59pm (8 years ago)

Thanks EVERYONE for the ºC and the "xoap" to "xml" tricks those fixed it right away

Tue, Jul 21st at 02:42pm (8 years ago)
okamiryu says:

so how does one go from C to F?

Wed, Oct 7th at 12:50am (8 years ago)

Excellent skin! But I'm having a problem. After about 2 hours, the words become unreadable because parts of the letters are missing. I have tried playing around with the anti-aliasing but that didn't seem to help. I don't think it is anything in the script causing this but I can't figure out what it could be.

Sun, Feb 21st at 01:50pm (8 years ago)

Excellent skin was just what I was looking for.Looks quite good with the clock called digital circles. I notice some people are having problems reading the skin. I've only just started using rainmeter. But what I did was change all the FontColor to 255,255,255,255 and increase the FontSize up by one point (i.e 10 to 11 or 7 to8). Which made it brighter and a bit larger making it easier to see and read.

Mon, Mar 22nd at 06:57am (7 years ago)
jess624 says:

This doesn't work for me :\
is there anywhere else I can get help? the links in the .ini don't work...

Wed, Jan 5th at 11:11pm (7 years ago)
keddy0619 says:

Excellent !````i love this

Sun, Apr 10th at 02:37am (6 years ago)

For Fahrenheit Type=f, Postfix=f

Tue, Feb 25th at 09:34pm (3 years ago)

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