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Rainmeter Skins / Rewind WinAMP Title-Control (Animated)

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Artist's Note

V2.3 - Latest update add ANIMATED drop-down menu for additional equalizer, file info, and controls!

This is a set of configs in Moshi's Rewind style that allow control of WinAMP.

Main Config Features:
- Track display
- Click on track to lookup in CDDB
- Current/Remaining/Graph Display (click to cycle)
- Current status (Play/Pause/Stop)
- Simple Play/Pause/Stop controls

Additional Control Features:
- Volume Control
- Position Graph
- Previous/Next/Rew/FFwd controls

Animated drop-down (click the white circle)
- Current Equalizer Graph
- File Info (Sample Rate, Bitrate, Channels and video size)
- Repeat/Shuffle Toggle
- More control... (see the Readme file)

Make sure to install the included font for best results.

Animated Config is a little CPU intensive (adds about 15% to the process) but you can adjust the config if you want smoother performance.

Many thanks to Moshi for allowing me to use his graphic style on this config!

Comments (9)


The animation is very creative, the graphics are quite refined. Great work!

Mon, Apr 3rd at 08:24pm (11 years ago)
R I P says:

awesome work!

Mon, Apr 3rd at 05:06pm (11 years ago)
Estuardo says:

Very nice graphics and very usable

Mon, Apr 3rd at 05:12pm (11 years ago)

I've so gotta try the Rewind style now!

Mon, Apr 3rd at 10:30pm (11 years ago)
Aressy says:

you gotta bring the whole suite man, I always loved rewind. Bring a vs or a ls, c'mon!:)

Tue, Apr 4th at 01:51pm (11 years ago)

oh wow, very handy and sharp. nice work.

Wed, Apr 5th at 02:23pm (11 years ago)
zeus_86 says:

lol, a winamp-skin for rainmeter, isnt it? but anyway, i love it^^

Thu, Apr 6th at 11:45am (11 years ago)

you should make a rewind skin for trillian. i would definately use it!

Wed, Jul 26th at 05:35pm (11 years ago)

It would be even nicer if it worked. Are you perhaps forgetting to tell us we need a particular plugin? All I get is the message "No such meter: button" and a skin without info or controls that does nothing.

Sat, Apr 7th at 09:18am (10 years ago)

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Created by christo350z
and moshi
on April 3rd, 2006


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