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Rainmeter Skins / XPert 2

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Artist's Note

- 5 Color Styles = 965 windows = 4 month of work
- News Reader with 63 RSS-feeds (BBC, Yahoo, others)
- Drives from A to Z (3 Window Styles)
- Calendar (Row/Column, Horizontal, Vertical)
- Clocks for 15 Timezones (24 Hours, AM/PM, 2 Window Styles)
- All Timezones at once windows (24 Hours, AM/PM)
- Power Control and Confirmation Windows(2 Window Styles)
- Main (Normal, Horizontal, Vertical)
- Weather (2 Window Styles)
- CPU (3 Window Styles)
- RAM (3 Window Styles)
- SWAP (3 Window Styles)
- Total Memory (3 Window Styles)
- Net (Only NetIn or NetOut, Total Net, 3 Window Styles)
- Date (3 Window Styles)
- User Software Resources Control for Programmers
- Computer Info Window
- Battery State for Laptops (3 Window Styles)
- Quote of the Day (Brainyquote.com)
- Word of the Day (Dictionary.com)
- Every color and fontstyle can be changed over variables at the top of every window

I worked for ~ 4 month on this skin, so bug report, tips and criticism are very VeRy VERY appreciated.

Thanks goes to Rainy and his forum.

Have a nice day


Comments (13)


Useally a skin with this much going on is a mess and hard to follow but you pulled it off pretty well. Great work.

Wed, Jul 20th at 01:36pm (12 years ago)
Gabro says:

Pokit, Giraffe and D4RKFANTASY Thanks for the compliments theconcept No. the possibilities are nearly unlimited, if you are creative. Bio_Hazard.Ge3k and vlesun Thanks posessedcookie "nicely presented pacjage". Yes i worked a lot for the menu structure and the preview image. I reached my objective Zero_Armada Lol tygerie Thanks

Mon, Jul 18th at 02:33pm (12 years ago)
Pokit says:

WOW. this deserves a 500

Mon, Jul 18th at 02:48pm (12 years ago)

And THAT is why the entire rating system on Custo is compltely corrupt.


Mon, Jul 18th at 02:56pm (12 years ago)

is that just about everything that can be done with rainmeter?

Mon, Jul 18th at 03:04pm (12 years ago)
Giraffe says:


Mon, Jul 18th at 03:25pm (12 years ago)

It looks really (really, really, really, really, really, really, ...) really good !! It shows almost anything you want and keeps clear.

Mon, Jul 18th at 04:10pm (12 years ago)

AMAZING SKIN! It incorporates everything rainmeter has to offer (and then some) in a nicely presented package. Great work!

Mon, Jul 18th at 09:43pm (12 years ago)
vlesun says:

Excellent work.

Tue, Jul 19th at 01:41am (12 years ago)

Dear God, the detail...

Tue, Jul 19th at 10:54am (12 years ago)
tygerie says:

Best rainmeter skin yet.

Mon, Aug 29th at 02:09pm (12 years ago)
yuwenm16 says:

nice ,i like it

Sun, Jun 6th at 09:36am (7 years ago)
djgrumpy says:

beautiful work !
Its full of info, clean design with many options to customize.

Wed, Jul 24th at 10:11pm (4 years ago)

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Created by Gabro
on July 18th, 2005


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