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Artist's Note

Simple calendar from Rainlendar (Shadow3 skin). Display the dates in row/column. For correct work use Rainmeter v0.13 or up.

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Again this is way to "default" looking

Mon, Jul 11th at 03:48pm (12 years ago)
Gabro says:

You was faster than me. I also work on a Row/Column Calendar. Very nice programmed calendar. 100 for the complicated source code

Mon, Jul 11th at 07:40am (12 years ago)
alterion says:

hmm i have do idea on why anyone would use this whatsoever.. but nicley done all the same

Mon, Jul 11th at 10:00am (12 years ago)
Nylons says:

With the same graphics, people could get more features and more flexibilities using Rainlendar, so yea, they might not use this. But your coding prouve that we can make a basic looking calendar under Rainmeter, and from what I know, this might just be the very first one! Props :)

Mon, Jul 11th at 05:00pm (12 years ago)

At first I thought you were submitting the default skin, but true, this is meter, not lender... Nice.

Tue, Jul 12th at 06:36am (12 years ago)
tonyaross says:

Nice work. If I can use one program to the do the same thing, I won't two. It saves resources.

Is it possible to make it transparent?

Tue, Jul 26th at 11:51am (12 years ago)

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Created by vlesun
on July 11th, 2005


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