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Artist's Note

Some Mac OS X "Tiger" dashboard widgets inspirations...

Wallpaper creadit goes to Take Me Now by mo

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What more can I say.. Nylons you're da man. The colors can compliment almost any blue wall so I'm sure there will be alot of uses for this rainmeter set. GOod work man

Mon, May 9th at 08:00pm (12 years ago)
Gabro says:

The blue color scheme is very nice and the idea of a color-scheme-change-button is interesting. It looks sporty and modern. Very Gooooooooood Job. Tips: •If you change the color scheme it wont be saved in the rainmeter-ini. You can use a vbscript to write it in the ini-file of rainmeter. Such scripts are at . •What about drive measures? •The Net-IP-label seems to overlap with another label. Maybe ,because my IP is too long Please fix this bug in the next version. •Make a matching skin for Rainlendar. That would be nice

Sun, May 8th at 08:26am (12 years ago)
Hallowed says:

I'm diggin it, now to find a theme that matches.

Sun, May 8th at 08:28am (12 years ago)
Francola says:

Beautiful work Nylons! Love the color change option! Thanks so much!

Sun, May 8th at 08:32am (12 years ago)
Nylons says:

Thank you guys! Gabro: The NET-IP was designed to display your Online IP (not proxy), as in the preview, it doesn't overlap... And I don't consider the color scheme saving in rainmeter.ini as an issu, but thanks for the script site tip anyway...

Sun, May 8th at 08:43am (12 years ago)
mycleo1 says:

a rainlander skin will be awesome!sweet!

Sun, May 8th at 02:27pm (12 years ago)
Teque5 says:

sweet - not as minimalistic as i would like - but it works perfect for some of the recent wallpapers

Sun, May 8th at 03:02pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

this is hardcore dude ;)

Mon, May 9th at 12:03am (12 years ago)
headvoid says:

slick stuff. i thought u made a combo box at the top, i thought wrong..still the colour changing is a nice touch

Mon, May 9th at 03:41am (12 years ago)

Excellent! I already had the same idea but I wouldn't have to got it so terrifically! I mean to inspre me of the Apple Dashboard ;o )

Mon, May 9th at 05:39am (12 years ago)
falanga says:

Great ! Using it with Luna Element :P

Tue, May 10th at 04:14am (12 years ago)
keiko says:

The colorchanging button is a very nice and innovative idea. It's always annoying to change the colors by yourself..

the only bad thing is the small font - but I think this is more my problem since I wear glasses :)

Wed, Aug 9th at 01:27pm (11 years ago)

WOW! These are nice. Any chance on black ones? Lastly, does it support multi-cpu's? Keep up the great work!

Sat, Aug 29th at 11:26am (8 years ago)

Just realized black was included...but only one cpu :(

Sat, Aug 29th at 11:31am (8 years ago)

Well, what Gabro was saying about the color scheme not saving, you could easily put a rainmeter !Bang in there (heres the !Bang required)
!RainmeterWriteKeyValue [Section] [Key] [Value] ("FileSpec")
Using that you could easily have it save the color scheme last set.

Thu, Oct 7th at 10:27pm (7 years ago)

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Created by Nylons
on May 8th, 2005


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