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Fix some bugs

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Nice glow effect and color pack, but even the small version is rather large.

Tue, May 3rd at 12:36am (12 years ago)
razail says:

its good, but id like to see smaller variations, perhaps half of the small version would be good. i also notice that it creates a rectangle in which the glow abruptly cuts off. might wanna do something about that, other than that, very ncie

Mon, May 2nd at 05:24am (12 years ago)
Nylons says:

I'm just SO curious to know how it's work on your PC, coz it STILL doesn't work on mine. Actually, I see that you've fixed the last 2 numbers, now they indicates the minutes instead of the seconds, but the hours doesn't display correctly... And yeah, I alreday said once in your previous version : [quote] those glow fx numbers would look much better 100% trasparent without that light rectangle around/behind them [quote]

Mon, May 2nd at 05:31am (12 years ago)
Deiter says:

I am also having issues with the clock. It works fine until it hits something like 10:20 or so. Then at 11:00 its fine until about 11:20 and same with 12. I do not know the specific time that the issue starts but I would like to get this working because it looks best with my current desktop.
I know this script is quite old and you may not be active anymore but if anyone see this and has the fixed script, I would really like it to save me some time of figuring it out myself.

Sat, Feb 5th at 11:56am (6 years ago)
ShaneS429 says:

For those of you having trouble with it only show 0/1/2 at 10, 11, & 12 o'clock after like 11:20 as above, there is an error in all the config files it seems.

For whichever clock you are using, right click it and go into the settings to open the .ini file for that clock. Scroll all the way down and you will see the heading

Hours Second Position

(This should really be "Hours First Position". It's mislabeled but has no effect on the program itself.)

There is a [MeasureSec31] and [MeasureSec32]. A few lines under each of those is a formula. Change both so they read as TimeSec<60 and not TimeSec<20 & TimeSec<30 which were the defaults.

Since obviously the minutes go all the way up to 60 then it should only change then. This is why people above notice the clock messing up at 10:20 and so on since it was cutting itself off at 20minutes and not 60 like it should.

Hope that helps!

Sat, Feb 5th at 11:29pm (6 years ago)

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Created by baigtsa
on May 2nd, 2005


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