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Rainmeter Skins / Power Toy

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Artist's Note

WARNNING : CAREFUL WHILE DRAGGING THE SKIN !!! (drag the edges, not the buttons)

Well, this was actually made before Shine, submitting it now, thought it could be pretty useful to many :) Enjoy

Please install the font.

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Comments (13)


Looks pretty good.

Sun, May 8th at 06:34am (12 years ago)
mycleo1 says:

Awesome!i'll use this for sure!simple and elegant,my favourite!

Sun, May 1st at 09:01pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

pretty nice and really useful. I can predict lots of screenshots using it.

Sun, May 1st at 09:25pm (12 years ago)
stilist says:

You're a brilliant fellow.

Sun, May 1st at 10:32pm (12 years ago)
timbot says:

This hurts so good.

Mon, May 2nd at 12:09am (12 years ago)

Bloody nice mate. Any chance of a matching rainlendar and a rainmeter skin that incorporates things like a clock and other stuff

Mon, May 2nd at 01:07am (12 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

This is pretty badass. This has to be my favorite thing about shine besides how easy it is on my eyes, now I can custom this to match any suite i'm using.. muhahahahaha *cough* ha.

Mon, May 2nd at 01:21am (12 years ago)
ellert_dk says:

Well, what does/can it do then?

Mon, May 2nd at 10:38am (12 years ago)
42n8k9 says:

Clever! Thanks for yet another "100". I admit it freaked me out, so I sniffed around the .ini first to see what it did.

Tue, May 10th at 11:59am (12 years ago)
boy says:

nice mate
I can predict lots of screenshots using it.

Sat, Jun 18th at 12:19pm (12 years ago)
egolatra says:

an ol' good friend

Sun, Mar 18th at 04:38pm (10 years ago)

Why dont u have a image that u have to click first which fades out then fades the buttons in? it wouldnt be to hard really. Ive already implemented it in on my desktop. I prefer not doing accidental clicking and shutting my system down instantly

Sun, Jun 27th at 05:30pm (7 years ago)
__Black__ says:

Sorry, but I'm not to good with the programming of the skins...
Would it be possible to add a stand by button? Or like change the function of one of the other buttons?

How can I change the size of the skin?

Sun, Sep 19th at 05:28pm (7 years ago)

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Created by Nylons
on May 1st, 2005


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