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Artist's Note

I know this has been done before by moshi, just wanted to have some fun on my own, so to keep my brain awake :)


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i'm not sure how much of this code was taken from moshi's skin (or how much of it is coincidental) but this skin is quite nice. i'm sure those in search of a binary clock for their desktop can rest easy.

Sat, Mar 26th at 09:57pm (12 years ago)
Generic says:

AWESOME! been looking for a cool binary in black

Sat, Mar 26th at 11:31am (12 years ago)
Nylons says:

Yo Generic! Like the black and blue huh? :D EnerJax: You like that wall? Well I'm sure you'll be able to make it yourself, it really easy ;) all people: not really needed to take someone's code since there're quite few lines typing, compare to my Analogital skin, the manipulation of this kind of multiple states png graphic with this BIN clock is like a kid's game. And not because we do something that has been already done by others then it's us taking other's code, there's no harm to be inspired by something then make some innovations right? Otherwise, we can just stop skinning. Franco: Not all my skins are good, but people in here know that I've done some serious work, don't want to be treated as a "code taker" again. So I won't make a public color pack (eventhough I was thinking about it), PM me if you'd like a personal red leds version of this.

Sat, Mar 26th at 11:32am (12 years ago)
EnerJax says:

Very cool, nice colors. Would be even better if we knew where to get that background ;)

Sat, Mar 26th at 02:48pm (12 years ago)
Francola says:


Love your work.

I use 4jl and find it perfect for my needs.
any chance of getting a BIN version with red LEDs or even white. :)

Thanks for all your hard work!


Sat, Mar 26th at 03:59pm (12 years ago)
Teque5 says:

there is a clock just like this on thinkgeek

Sun, May 8th at 03:06pm (12 years ago)

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Created by Nylons
on March 26th, 2005


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