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Artist's Note

UPDATE: the website that feeds this skin has changed from iohelix.com to iohelix.net, please find and replace all instances in the ini file to get this skin to work.

This skin only works on dark backgrounds, there is a version available that has (in my opinion) better graphics and works on all backgrounds at
also made by me, with graphics by jER

This is an update of MoonLite.
If your current MoonLite skin is broken, this update fixes that.

This skin reads a feed I created that contains various data about the current phase of the moon and displays an image on your desktop.

When the image is clicked, the image changes to textual information.

Some minor editing required, read the READ_ME file included.

Always-on interent connection required.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.



This is definately good to use on dark themed desktops. Nifty idea I like it.

Thu, Feb 17th at 12:23am (12 years ago)

Thank You!!
Finally a working moonphase graphic.
very good work

Wed, Feb 16th at 12:44pm (12 years ago)
benjam says:

Thanks for the comments !!

I am currently working on a version that will work on both light and dark backgrounds, thanks to a suggestion and demo by jER.

UPDATE: It is complete and available here as MoonShine

Wed, Feb 23rd at 10:14am (12 years ago)

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Created by benjam
on February 15th, 2005


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