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Artist's Note

Most simplest backgroundless skin at a request from a member here - Generic, thought maybe share it with others.

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Simple but very stylish and usable. Looks great.

Sat, Feb 5th at 09:18pm (12 years ago)
Generic says:

love this one man ,a real beauty and verry usable ...using it ever since you made it ...font is also kick ass and looks great on minimalistic DT's

Fri, Feb 4th at 08:22pm (12 years ago)
Nylons says:

You're welcome Generic !

Fri, Feb 4th at 08:24pm (12 years ago)

Nice...but would be nicer if GENERIC WOULD GET PERMISSIONS to upload that last VS in his screenshot =X come on, share the wealth!

Fri, Feb 4th at 09:01pm (12 years ago)
Moskow says:

Nylons simply beautiful... :)
Generic release the VS plzzzzzzz :) let's all bug whistl3r head to permit it !!! :D

Fri, Feb 4th at 09:07pm (12 years ago)

that looks nice, nylons, great job - lol, its cool, i use it with avedesk

Fri, Feb 4th at 09:32pm (12 years ago)
mZtriZ says:

Reminds me of a gas station lol

Sat, Feb 5th at 04:54pm (12 years ago)
R I P says:

yes! thank you!

Mon, Feb 14th at 03:57pm (12 years ago)

i absolutly love this

Sun, Feb 27th at 08:44pm (12 years ago)
chiwou says:

looks like a rip from newavecr simple clock for sysstats ... dec. 04

Mon, May 29th at 04:50pm (11 years ago)
Atticus says:

looks nice... how do i install it? lol im still a noob

Wed, Jul 9th at 06:30pm (9 years ago)

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Created by Nylons
on February 4th, 2005


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