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Rainmeter Skins / Klottz World Time

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something from my hd. matching Rainlendar and digital watch can be found here.

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slick graphics, nicely done

Sun, Nov 28th at 01:04pm (11 years ago)
foxgamer says:

Oops! Put this message on the wrong one:

I really like this! And it's very helpful to keep an eye on the times of people I know around the world.

Just one question: how do we add certain cities? I know how to change them by editing the skin, but I am trying to add Vancouver in Canada, but it's not registering it correctly as it's 4 hours out. Any solutions?

Better :)

Sat, Jun 23rd at 05:52am (3 years ago)
moshi says:


Sun, Oct 26th at 05:41pm (1 year ago)
moshi says:


Mon, Dec 8th at 08:14pm (11 months ago)

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Created by moshi
on November 28th, 2004

109301 This work is a modification of Klottz by moshi.


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