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Do you have a colleague, friend, or family member that always annoys you by asking you the time, or do you find yourself asking "What timezone am I in?", maybe you just don't know todays date...
Well, do i have an answer for you, AeroTime gives your current local time in either regular or military format, tells you what timezone your currently in, and... tells you tadays date...
best of all its small, and free...
So why not stop reading this and download today...
Hurry... the server is standing by; waiting for your download request, get it while supplies last...

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

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Comments (8)


one more in the chain of skins. looks good.

Thu, Sep 23rd at 08:01pm (13 years ago)
StrYdeR says:


Wed, Sep 22nd at 10:46am (13 years ago)
Aero says:


Wed, Sep 22nd at 11:23am (13 years ago)
mZtriZ says:

lol Aero! Maybe its time to change your name haha

Wed, Sep 22nd at 01:44pm (13 years ago)

damit, right after i submit my aero.LH theme with a swiss army clock :( thanks, it's beautiful! USING

Wed, Sep 22nd at 04:38pm (13 years ago)
fall-en says:

aint them aero skins purdy :) downloaded

Wed, Sep 22nd at 09:17pm (13 years ago)
bellyman says:

Excellent. Very configurable.
From date/time format to color to positioning within the box.
Can turn off the timezone.
Lovely size w/1280x1024 resolution.

Only concern - can't have it smack right to the edge of the screen on any border. I see the surrounding border but something prevents moving to the absolute edge.

Sat, Sep 10th at 01:26pm (12 years ago)

Bellyman, the reason for that is most likely that there is a inisible border on the background border image. you would have to go into a photo editing program. Delete the ivisible alpha border, then go back in the skin and move all of the meters up Y amount and left X amount. (Not hard to do but you need to know what your looking for)

Mon, Feb 21st at 03:16pm (6 years ago)

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Created by Unspoknone
on September 22nd, 2004


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