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Rainmeter Help

How To Use Rainmeter Skins

1) Get the latest Rainmeter program from their site: http://rainmeter.net/

  • Downloaded the latest beta Rainmeter program available (beta is stable AND has the Latest Features!).

2) Run the file you downloaded to install Rainmeter on your computer.

  • Select ‘Standard’ installation (Using ‘Portable’ will create a completely ‘separate’ install and is recommended only if you understand).
  • You can select an option to start Rainmeter automatically when Windows starts (recommended).
  • There is an option to start Rainmeter after the installation finishes; this will open the default illustro skins that come with the program.

3) When Rainmeter is running, there will be a ‘Raindrop Icon’ in the system tray (notification area).

  • Left-click this to open the MANAGE dialog window. This is the main Rainmeter control window.
  • Right-click to show the Rainmeter CONTEXT MENU. This menu is also view-able when you right-click most skins.

4) Visit a website that allows you to download Rainmeter skins, such as Customize.org (Browse Rainmeter)

5) Browse through the available skins and choose one that suits your taste. After that, Download it.

6) Skins should have the .RMSKIN extension. This is the ‘recommended’ Rainmeter format AND ensures the file has not been modified.

  • However, it is a very good habit to SCAN ALL DOWNLOADS BEFORE RUNNING to avoid problems.
  • Some older skins will be in ZIP format and DEFINITELY should be scanned by an up-to-date virus program prior to opening.

7) For RMSKIN types, just open the file and the Rainmeter installer will install the skins, layouts (if included), and then refresh Rainmeter.

8) For ZIP types, unzip your downloaded skin by right-clicking on the file and selecting the “Extract” option.

  • Extract your downloaded skin folder to My Documents/Rainmeter/Skins (for standard installations)
  • Portable installs should extract to where you install that version.
  • NOTE: You MUST ‘manually’ refresh all (or restart Rainmeter) to see the added skins in the MANAGE window, or CONTEXT MENU list.

9) You can load the new skins individually using either MANAGE or the ‘Skins’ link in the CONTEXT menu.

  • In the MANAGE window, there is a LAYOUT tab. This is where you can save and load entire sets of skins. If the author included a Layout, you can select it from the list, and load all skins.
  • You may need to MOVE the skins to position them (it is almost impossible to prearrange for EVERY screen resolution).

10) Now make your Desktop Yours by adding (or easily creating) Rainmeter skins!