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Artist's Note

(Last version: 2016-04-21)

It's a Yahoo-Weather skin, it can forecast 5 days, so I named it as "Yahoo5Weather". Use this skin, you can use City-Name, US ZIP-Code (zip:25714), Woeid-code (woeid:2306181), or weather-code (wc:TWXX0019) for the weather location. enjoy!

(2016-04-21) Fixed: WOEID fail issue.
(2015-12-20) Change data source (3rd).
(2015-04-11) Change Location_Search_Engine (3rd).
(2015-03-26) Add scale variable.
(2014-12-11) Change Location_Search_Engine (2nd).
(2014-11-29) Since the 5-days forecast's source direct use JS-script, change to Weather_Channel as source, and which support more location.
(2014-10-05) Fixed: Only one temperature issue, Disable text formatting.
(2014-01-08) Change Location_Search_Engine (1st), now support fuzzy search; change data source back to original.
(2013-05-29) Since the original data source is no longer provides five-days forecast (a few days later, it provides again), so change the data source, and modify some code; Add support "woeid".
(2013-04-04) If city-name contains space will cause something wrong, Fixed.
(2012-09-13) Initial version.

Comments (38)


Exactly what I was looking for

Sat, Jun 1st at 06:02am (4 years ago)
Lieuallen says:

Thank you so much for this update! Rainlendar and your weather widget have a permanent place on my desktop.

Tue, Jun 4th at 09:15am (4 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi, I was using New_Statica.r2skin weather but yesterday it stopped working.

I downloaded you skin which is ideal and a good substitute HOWEVER for some reason it cannot cope with my Location Khon Kaen Thailand, wc:THXX0008 or using woeid:1226003 even though these are correct codes for my location.

Really strange is that if I use the wc or woeid codes for Bangkok or Chiang Mai they work perfectly

I am at a comlpete loss why my Khon Kaen (and a few other Thailand locations) will not work, even though codes used ar correct AND if I go to weather page these locations have a weather page.

I suspect both skins issues are something to do with msn web coding that the artist of this skin mentions BUT I cannot for the life of me think what the issue is.

Hopefully the artist or another can provide a reason and solution

Many thanks

Wed, Oct 1st at 09:38am (3 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

@ dkosr, thanks for your use this skin and report the bug, I solved the bug, please re-download.
The reason is, sometime, the weather-source only provide one temperature, not the whole temperature: high / low.
Now, if there is one temperature not been provide, it will display like: "--".

Thu, Oct 2nd at 01:33pm (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg5702,

Thanks VERY much. Now I can see Khon Kaen weather again. I'm not entirely sure I understand the "one temperature & Hi/Lo" you mention because
Khon Kaen shows Hi and Lo readings so I am not sure why for instance Phetchaburi THXX0016 was working OK (it too showed Hi/Lo) but Khon Kaen THXX0008 with the same display format did not.

ANYWAY I am not a programmer and I am sure I am missing some salient difference between the two:)

Thanks to you it is now working THANKS EVER SO MUCH!

I would like to raise one query regarding the new version. When I first went to the Settings options I could see:
Weather celsius
Weather location

I changed Weather location to wc:THXX008 and all displayed as desired.
when I went back into Yahoo5Weather Settings I can NOW see
Weather Celcius Ticked
Weather celsius Ticked
Weather Local TaiChung
Weather location wx:THXX008

The extra 2
Weather Celcius Ticked
Weather Local TaiChung

seem to be leftovers from the previous version and I suspect should not be there. Certainly if I enter a wc: code in Weather Local that is different to THXX008 (which I did to test) it is totally ignored as is Weather Celcius setting.

Is some extra cleaning up needed to remove these.

Kind regards and thanks again for the solution AND responding so quickly to my post last jhg5702

Kind Regards and Best Wishes

Fri, Oct 3rd at 12:46am (3 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

@ dksor,
Yes, it looks seems be leftovers from the previous version and it should not be displayed. I am not sure what causing it, maybe is you have more than one Yahoo5Weather in the same folder? or you are running different version Yahoo5Weather at the same time?

If not the above reason, and want to fix it, the fastest way is RESET Rainlendar.

ps. Rainlendar's Help-File wrote:
The Reset button will clear all your current settings and reset them to the default values. Basically what this does is that it just deletes the rainlendar2.ini file which contains the settings. So, after you press this button Rainlendar will behave like it was just installed. Note that it does not affect your events or tasks except that you might need to create the calendars again.

Sat, Oct 4th at 03:12am (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg5702,

Thanks for your input.

Yes I too had suspected the rainlendar.ini file so I deleted it before I posted to you. Unfortunately, I had made many changes to a Dual Calendar I am using (I am not a programmer but I am willing to go into xml files and try changing numbers etc.).

When my New Statica Weather failed after 30/09/14, I installed and tried many different weather skins in an attempt or find one that worked (or in your skins case nearly worked perfectly).
I settled for yours as being the best but of course the settings in the ini. file remained after I had deleted the skins. I did deleted many lines of the ini files but was unsuccessful in stopping the 2 extra settings entries (or I went too far and things did nto work as expected elsewhere. I then contacted you for advice

HOWEVER, based on you comments about the rainlendar.ini I deleted it again and just tried loading Yahoo5Weather. This time, I did NOT get the 2 extra settings entries I mentioned in my post. Having confirmed your opinion that something in rainlendar.ini was adding itself, I again tried deleting entries in the ini file thta I believed were weather associated (or settings for skins that are no longer on my system.

THIS time I have been successful. I have all my needed settings for my other modules but I am pleased to report I NO longer am getting the 2 extra entries in the Yahoo5Weathersettings.

Not sure what I did different this time in my line deletions in the rainlendar.ini file but clearly last time I missed the lines causing the extra 2 settings and this time I have not.

I don't like messing with the rainlendar.ini file as I may create unexpected consequences not yet obvious HOWEVER a full rest and deletion of the ini file was not an option with so many settings needed (especially my calendar settings). Its a shame rainlendar does not have a rainlendar.ini utility that can clean out obsolete entries

:) So jhg5702 NOW all is OK.
Many thanks for your advice

Best wishes

Sat, Oct 4th at 05:16am (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Sorry jhg5702, Me AGAIN ;)

I did not realize until after my last post, I can click on the city Title and (via the browser) it links to the 5 day forecast page. I found it by chance.
Regretfully it is not working correctly for THXX0008 Khon Kaen.
LOL: I don't know what is so special or different with Khon Kaen!.

Seriously, when I clicked on the link I see in my Browser a URL of:

but the Forecast page displayed was for
"Ban Kaeng, Chaiyaphum, Thailand" (NOT Khon Kaen, Thailand)

I then tried using the Khon Kaen Woeid setting of 1226003 to see if that would find the correct link.
This time, I could see in my browser a URL of:
(don't understand why THXX0001 showing and not THXX0008)
but this time the Forecast page displayed was for "Ban Phai, Khon Kaen, Thailand"

I have no idea why Khon Kaen, Thailand is not being selected for wc or Woeid.
I have noticed however, both incorrect pages have contain in their Titles the characters "Kaen".

I am GUESSING that the search is searching on Kaen" and displays the first Title CONTAINING "Kaen", but there are are several titles containing Kaen.

Is the issue in the coding within weather.lua?
I suspect it is but I am not able to correct myself

I did try out other cities e.g THXX0016 Phetchaburi and its link found the correct page. as did THXX0002 Bangkok.

Sorry for being such a "pain" jhg5702

Sat, Oct 4th at 06:23am (3 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

@ dkosr,
Ooh! Looks seems the wrong is not on me, but from the data-source (or Yahoo's web). I'll try to explain weather.lua done what.

If input wc:THXX0008, will download , and parsing it to get what we need.

And the same, if input woeid:1226003, will download , and parsing it to get what we need.

You can see, it does not search any strings, just parsing the data-source. So, if data-source has wrong, we will also got a wrong result.

Sat, Oct 4th at 10:41am (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

HI jhg5702 :),

Thanks for the information

As it is a Yahoo issue, then maybe I can do a workaround to get the correct weather page.
Is it possible for me to hard code the weather.lua to direct it to:

IF I AM PERMITTED TO MODIFY YOUR CODE IN Yahoo5Weather for my own personal use.

If I AM allowed, can you tell me what code I would need to change and where. (if that is not a big job for you)

do you know if there is any way I can get the link to open up ALWAYS using Celsius as a default (and NOT Yahoo's weather default of Fahrenheit).

I know with msn you can just add "&weadegreetype=C" the the edn of a URL link, but I have searched the web and have been unable to find what would work (if anything) Yahoo weather; for my desired link:

If it is not possible to adjust the weather.lua to do what I desire,are there lines in weather.lua that I can disable (or delete) so the Title link does not respond when clicked.
I could then add a button to the weather.xml with desired url link.

Many thanks for any advice.
If my request would be too time consuming for you please just say jhg5702 I will understand and will NOT be offended in any way. I am already extremely grateful to you, that I am getting Khon Kaen weather again using your very nice Yahoo5Weather

Kind Regards

Sun, Oct 5th at 01:03am (3 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

@ dkosr,

# Yes, You are free to modify it.

# Sorry, I am not a programmer, at the moment, can not find any way to solve how to link correct URL, and how to using Celsius as a default.

# If you want to disable/delete it, you can open weather.lua, goto line 141 (nearly), find: title = "[[" .. link .. "][" .. title .. "]]" , then delete the line.

And, If later you still have any questions, you are welcome to use contact, because I found here can not display URL strings.

Sun, Oct 5th at 11:14am (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg5702,

Thanks again for your help. I had provisionally (whilst waiting for your OK that I can modify which you have now given me ) disabled the title line in weather.xml and added a similar line but hard coded Text as Khon Kaen". That worked OK BUT your advice on exactly which line to disable/delete in weather.lua (which I could not find after many attempts) is Much Better, because it allows the skin to show "Refreshing...." whilst seeking Khon Kaen Data and if there is an issue finding the data then I will know the dat download failed. MY method would have shown Khon Kaen without any other data.

I have solved the issue of the Llink by adding a line of code to elements.xml:
<bitmap id="bitmap.button.info" file="images/button-info.png" />

and a line to Weather.xml :
<button id="Weather.button.weather" element="bitmap.button.info" origin="TOP-RIGHT" x="-100" y="206" action="Rainlendar_Execute()" tooltip=" Click for detailed Weather Report " />

These place a label button "More details" (which I created and named "button_info.png" in the bottom right of the Yahoo5weather.r2skin which as you can see I have enlarged to (w="350" h="220"). My screen is 1920x1080 and I find the larger size much easier to read.

Thanks for you help I'll leave you in peace now.
Kind Regards and Best wishes

Sun, Oct 5th at 01:54pm (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg5702, :(

Regretfully today 20/11/14 Yahoo5Weather cannot access weather data again. (I use woeid but none of the options work)

All I have seen all day is "Refreshing...."

I assume Yahoo have changed something AGAIN.

I love your skin and it is a big shame it does not get its data directly from The Weather Channel because Yahoo seem to often change things AND they are totally non responsive to technical queries that is if If anybody can even track down who to contact at Yahoo. (I tried last time and it was a total waste of my time)

jhg5702 please can you tell me if you intend to try and update the skin again so it work or whether you have decided to cease support.

Many thanks and Kind Regards

Thu, Nov 20th at 03:52am (3 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

Hi dkosr,

Thanks for your reminder.
I have found the reason is: Yahoo changed the contents of 5 days forecast.
Now, it directly use js-script but I cannot to get detail forecast data (like: wind speed, rainfall).
So, I change my code again, back to the original, no longer provide detailed information for 5 days forecast.
(Last version: 2014-11-20)

Thu, Nov 20th at 10:47am (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg6702 :),

Thanks ever so much for your very fast reply and updated solution download which works perfectly for me.

I think you are the only artist currently bothering to address and resolve Weather skins for Rainlendar issues nowadays and your continued interest and support for your skin is very much appreciated by me and I am sure by others who use it.

Kind regards and very best wishes

Fri, Nov 21st at 03:29am (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

OOPS I addressed you as jhg6702 in my last post instead of jhg5702
My apologies.

Fri, Nov 21st at 03:33am (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg5702 :(

VERY Regrettably I am going to have to abandon this Yahoo5Weather skin because although I can get forecasts they are NOT really for my location Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen, Thailand even though the Title of Khon Kaen is displayed

If I select Khon Kaen or use wc:THXX0008 I see the correct Title of Khon Kaen but the weather temperatures and details are for Ban Kaeng, Chaiyaphum

If I use woeid:1226003 I get the correct Title of Khon Kaen but the temperatures are for Ban Phae Buri ram

I had not realized this was happening (even when I use Woeid BUT at 9am today the skin displayed I a temperature of 21C and Mist (mist is very rare in Khon Kaen) when Khon Kaen was in bright sunshine and much hotter than 21C (which is lower than many nights currently)
I realized there was an issue (that is less easy to notice later in the day as the other two locations temperatures tend to get closer to Khon Kaen's true Temperatures.

I do NOT believe this is a fault with your skin jhg5702, as I have I have found other apps fooled the same way so I am assuming between the source (weather channel and Yahoo's rss data feed things get incorrectly location coded.

You can actually see part of the issue if you access the forecast data file and click on Khon Kaen which does not go to Khon Kaen (THXX0008) but seems to go to THXX0001 (Ban Phae surprise surprise)

The only accurate temperatures seem to be shown DIRECTLY on the Weather Channel's web pages for Khon Kaen and they use a URL of "http://www.weather.com/weather/today/l/
Unfortunately their code of THKK0337:1:TH for Khon Kaen,Khon Kaen, TH does not make it to the yahoo feeds. Their forecast on that page DO seem to me to be accurate.

Unfortunately I am not a programmer so I cannot even start to change the weather.lua to collect data that feeds URL "http://www.weather.com/weather/today/l/
THKK0337:1:TH" and get thate data e to default to Celsius so I will have to give up.

Its such a shame but there is no point in displaying data for other areas.

Kind Regards

Sun, Nov 23rd at 01:58am (3 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

I have checked what about you wrote, as you said, the data is not entirely correct, between Weather_Channel and Yahoo.

Therefore, if we still use Yahoo as weather source, this issue may be happen from time to time, and it's cannot be fix by user.

I will try to see, is it possible directly get data from Weather_Channel.
(I seems found the way, but I am not a programer, I need some time to change my whole codes)

Sun, Nov 23rd at 11:05am (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg5702 :),

Once again thank you for your very fast reply and continued interest.

Your yahoo5Weather skin (which I really like) seems to be the only one where the artist is still supporting it. The others (including many widgets/gadgets) I have checked are not working nowadays as artists seem to have moved their interest over to smart phones.

If you are able in time to solve the issue I'd be EXTREMELY HAPPY as I love the skin and want to retain it on my desktop.

The problem for ME is that the 2 locations that are being picked up under the name of Khon Kaen (when using either wc/name or weoid) are 150km and 100kms away so weather can be quite different at certain times of the year.

It amazes me that when using woeid address in the URL

that apart from the correct Title of Khon Kaen has ALL its other data based on and identical to
Ban Kaeng, Chaiyaphum (URL :

The reason I am 99%sure that Khon Kaen is getting other locations data on Yahoo Weather (and not vice versa) and the Yahoo5Weatehr skin is because

1) Each day's Today's weather often does not match Khon Kaen

2) Today (and 5 day weather directly on the Weather Channel's site) do not match day shown

3) Using wc and woeid in Yahoo5Weather show different data which would not be the case IF other locations were suing Khon Kaen's data

Anyway I will let you get on and check in every few days to see if you have made any progress (or given up).

NO HURRY I appreciate you efforts jhg5702


Mon, Nov 24th at 01:28am (3 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

Hi, dkosr

I have changed the weather-source to Weather_Channel. (spend 1 day to find and parse web codes, and spend 1 day to re-write my codes, but spend 3 days to check and debug my codes) Now, it seems to work normal (not real sure), so release it again. (ver 2014-11-29)

For your case, seems is only can use wc:thkk0337 to get the data what you want, if use woeid:1226003 or use "Khon Kaen", same as previously use Yahoo source, still cannot get the data what you want (I think it's because actually they use same data-source), and I cannot do anything to fix that.

Fri, Nov 28th at 08:12pm (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg5702 :),

I wish to thank you for all your hard work. The new skin seems to be working perfectly for Khon Kaen now using wc:thkk0337.

I note you are using feeds from uk.weather.com and that is great because when I created a link to uk.weather.co rather than the primary "weather.com" site the web pages seem to default to Centigrade (whereas the main weather.com defaults to F degrees which was a nuisance).

On my Yahoo5Weather Variant

(larger by about twice the size for my 1920x1080 screen AND I have inserted 3 button links into weather.xml to appear at bottom "Today", "Hourly" and "10 Day").

I have disabled the City Title URL link as it still uses the old problematic link.

As you are using the UK links I changed to them as well for these 3 links.

I have noticed ONE interesting BUT NOT IMPORTANT inconsistency with the Weather Channel data
uk.weather.com, in.weather.com and espanol.weather.com sites ALL show Identical layouts with IDENTICAL Data.

(as I write this post) has a higher Maximum temperature for 2 days (Tue and Wed). All other temperatures and ALL weather icons are the same as the other 3 sites.

VERY STRANGE and entirely down to weather.com

I did check again after 3 hours to see if the different sites updated at different times during the day but
is STILL different from the other 3 sites (which all STILL agree with each other).

Anyway jhg5702 I want you yo know that I very much appreciate all the hard work you kindly did to sort out the problems that seem mostly to only affect a very few towns/cities (maybe only in Thailand.

If I notice any issues after using the latest code I will let you know, but I am hopeful all will be OK now (unless uk.weather,com change THEIR data settings).

Kind Regards & Best Wishes

Sat, Nov 29th at 05:38am (3 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg5702 :)

Just a quick post to confirm after several days of use your latest skin changes (29/11/14) are working 100% PERFECTLY for me.

Thank you so much

Tue, Dec 2nd at 01:47am (3 years ago)
bill says:

Hi jhg5702 :)

Sorry to contact you again.
Everything has been working perfectly for me using wc:THKK0337 (Khon Kaen, Thailand) since your last skin update 11/12/2014).
Today the skin it cannot find any data (just says Refreshing...

I have checked the Weather Channel site for THKK0337) on and it is displaying correct information as usual.

Any ideas what has changed.

Your skin can find data if using Khon Kaen or wc:THXX0008 (both supply same data BUT that is not correct data or same as THKK0337.

As a reminder to you,
Name city and THXX0008 do NOT find the correct data. Although often nearly identical those 2 settings find data for a different location although Khon Kaen title is displayed.

At this moment THXX0008 (Khon Kaen) has identical data to THKK0337 EXCEPT current weather
THKK0337 says Haze 20C
THXX0008 says Mist 18C

some days there are more differences

THKK0337 IS CORRECT and MUST be used.

If you go to uk.weather.com and search on Khon Kaen you will see TWO Khon Kaen entries listed Khon Kaen 36 Thailand
Khon Kaen 40 Thailand

Khon Kaen 36 Thailand is THXX0008
Khon Kaen 40 Thailand is THKK0337

I suspect 36 may be the Province of Khon Kaen and 40 is the actual City of Khon Kaen which is in in Khon Kaen Province.

Thailand often uses the the SAME name for both the province capital and the Province and I believe that causes search issues (certainly does with Yahoo weather) and you kindly resolved that issue for me by getting your skins' data directly from the Weather Channel itself (which supplies Yahoo).

Now as I have said above your skin only can receive data from wc:THXX0008 or Khon Kaen (botht the same and incorrect data for Khon Kaen City (THKK0337)( works with the skins and THKK0337 the ONLY CORRECT data for Khon Kaen (City) has stopped working today

Please can you solve the new issue when you have time as I use your skin every day and love it..

Many Thanks jhg5702

(Its a real shame these sites keep changing things around for no obvious reason)

Wed, Jan 21st at 09:24pm (2 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

Hi Dave :

It's really so strange, because on my pc THKK0337 still works, but I will keep watching.

If it still happen, can you sent the rainlendar2.log file to me () ?
(Where is Rainlendar's log file? see: )

Maybe the log file can tell me what happen.

And, we can contact with mail, because here cannot attach images, but sometime the images can explain many things.

Thu, Jan 22nd at 07:55am (2 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

Above cannot wrote mail & url, so post again.
Note, please delete space.

mail: j h g 5 7 0 2 @ g m a i l . c o m

Where is Rainlendar's log file?
h t t p : / / g o o . g l / L 7 q d n n

Thu, Jan 22nd at 08:14am (2 years ago)
dkosr says:

Hi jhg5702 :)


I have just tested it again with wc:THKK0337 (having seen your comments) and it is (now) working for me too

Sorry to have bothered you. I can only assume the problem was at Weather Channel's end, and they must have fixed it after I posted to you.

In future if it goes down again, I will wait 2 whole days to see if it is starts working again, before I bother you.

Thanks ever so much for your email address.
If the data fails to load again sometime in the future (for 2 days) I will email you with the required log file.

Kind regards and thanks for your continued willingness to help when an issue arises

Kindest Regards

Fri, Jan 23rd at 07:33am (2 years ago)

if u try my city code (wc:ITXX0033) u can see my problem, i read very bad dates, please help me :-)

Wed, Mar 18th at 03:06pm (2 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

Hi mirkogrifo,
i have try wc:ITXX0033, and have not see any problem.(please delete space)
h t t p : / / i . i m g u r . c o m / Q v 7 O N U 1 . p n g

my mail: j h g 5 7 0 2 @ g m a i l . c o m

Wed, Mar 18th at 09:29pm (2 years ago)

your widget doesn't funcion more, it's in "update" all the time i use wc:ITXX0033

Thu, Dec 17th at 02:31am (2 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

Yes, because the source-website changes some thing, so now, it is failing.

I will try to fix it as soon as possible, when I have time.

Thu, Dec 17th at 04:52am (2 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

Hi, all friends,

I had re-write the code of Yahoo5Weather,
you can re-download it.

Because I have not more time to test it,
so sometime it may still become failing.
Please tell me if it failing again, thanks.

Sun, Dec 20th at 02:15am (2 years ago)

It functions again, good job! Thanxs from Italy

Sun, Dec 20th at 04:11am (2 years ago)
Lieuallen says:

I have recently changed Internet providers, so there's a small possibility that the problem is on my end. But, I'm sorry to say that the weather is not downloading again (it's stuck on Refreshing..., and after an hour or so eventually goes to Download Failed). I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have to keep changing your code to keep up with the weather providers.

Sun, Mar 27th at 08:06am (1 year ago)
jhg5702 says:

It works fine on my PC.
Have you try re-download and re-install (overwrite/replace old) ?
The last modification is at 2015-12-20.

Sun, Mar 27th at 10:10pm (1 year ago)
Lieuallen says:

I haven't done anything, but this morning it's working again! That was an easy fix! :-)

Tue, Mar 29th at 11:16am (1 year ago)
Paolo52 says:

Since a couple of months, Yahoo5Weather kepps popping up in the forground, even if it's configured to stay on desktop.
I updated it to the last release, but nothing changed. I run Win7 Sp1 and i believe the issue is due to some Windows update, though not sure which.
Do you have any advice?
Thank you

Wed, May 4th at 07:19am (1 year ago)
jhg5702 says:

To Paolo52: Sorry, late answer.

Yes, the issue seems is due to some Windows update.
Now, I have no advice, we can only wait the next version, that author maybe fix it.
At official-forum has a thread about this issue, you can look:

Sat, Jul 2nd at 11:07am (1 year ago)

there is another problem,
i read "night" at 01:00pm under actual temperature, this problem appear occasionally please check it. By by

Tue, Dec 19th at 02:32pm (4 weeks ago)

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