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Artist's Note

Modeled after the Steam dialogs. Large, clean, and easy-to-read.

Font and alternate alarm.wav files available in skin archive. See the readme.txt file for more info.

Added weather window and 2 new entry categories

Version 1.1

Comments (7)


Very nice skin. But how do you change the location for the Weather window? I don't care about the weather in Lexington. Also, couldn't find the readme.txt file for this skin. Thanks!

Fri, Dec 24th at 05:48am (7 years ago)
ibsi says:

if you live in germany:

There you can search your country and get the rss feed over the icon on the right.

Tue, Feb 15th at 06:41am (7 years ago)
rca626 says:

Sorry I didn't reply before now. To view the ReadMe.txt file, just add ".zip" (without the quotes) to the end of the filename (i.e., rename it Steam.r2skin.zip). Then unzip the file, and the readme.txt can be viewed inside. When you're done, just delete the ".zip" from the end of the filename.

To change the weather, just go to the MSN RSS site (the URL is in the skin properties window). I couldn't find a better way to figure out the correct URL except through trial and error. In the U.S., just enter the state and then play around with the 4-digit number code until you have the city you're looking for (the code MUST be 4 digits, so you'll have to enter leading zeros for codes under 1000, like "0024" or "0127"). Then copy that URL to the properties window. Hope this helps.

Sun, Apr 3rd at 07:07pm (6 years ago)
ilpillo says:

sorry, I cannot find the "properties window"
Where is it?

I have rainlendar 2.8.1 64bit

Thu, Jul 21st at 06:08am (6 years ago)

No clock design :(

Tue, May 28th at 02:52pm (4 years ago)
thepipe says:

I love the look of this skin, but the functionality of the weather module is just horrible.

I've been trying for hours to set it to my city - Boston, MA, with absolutely no luck. I've read numerous articles in this forum and tried all of the solutions mentioned - all of which, by the way, require you to dig through code to find the MSN location code for the city you want. I've also done too many Google searches to try and find how to specify the location for weather. I've come up empty every time.

Based on what I've seen, this function needs to be drastically simplified. When you consider that the most recent post in this thread is 2 years old and the issue still persists, that tells you it needs addressing - immediately.

How about simply entering a zip or postal code?

Please tell me how to find the proper code for my location. And please do not reiterate what has already been posted here - I've tried all the suggestions and they do not work. Please do not tell me I'll have to move to Lexington, KY.

Tue, Sep 29th at 04:13am (2 years ago)

I love this skin! I spent most of the day going through skins for Rainlendar and this one is by far the clearest and easiest to read. The size is perfect (a little bigger than most) and the text is not blurry like most of the others. Thanks for making this :)

If you ever do an update, it would be great if you could add scroll arrows in the main calendar (for next month/previous month) - the right and left arrows on the keyboard do the job but this would be a nice feature.

Tue, Jan 19th at 06:20pm (2 years ago)

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Created by rca626
on November 15th, 2010


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