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Rainlendar Skins / Rainlendar Statica Mod

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Artist's Note

Mod of

Some edits and adjustments have been done with the addition of a multi time zone clock

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (24)

McGerson says:

Very nice job, where can we get this wallpaper?

Sun, Dec 20th at 01:35pm (8 years ago)
tlo says:

wallpaper can be found here :

Sun, Dec 20th at 10:29pm (8 years ago)

lovely! thank you for the wallpaper!

Mon, Dec 21st at 05:11am (8 years ago)
tlo says:

just unrar and place the whole folder, statica, in Rainlendar's skin folder...that should work.

Mon, Dec 21st at 10:02pm (8 years ago)
tlo says:

Yes, I must say those boxes are not auto adjusted. Dont know how or is it even possible. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Mon, Dec 21st at 11:33pm (8 years ago)
tiwey says:

how do i set it up so i have the digital clock on the screen?

Fri, Dec 25th at 10:38pm (8 years ago)
tiwey says:

nevermind...it blended in with my desktop....can i change the color or at least put the highlighted background?

Fri, Dec 25th at 10:42pm (8 years ago)
tiwey says:

nevermind....again....how did you get multiple clocks??? i'm so confused!!

Fri, Dec 25th at 11:00pm (8 years ago)
tlo says:

you have to edit the digital_clock.xml file in the xml folder to change the way you want it.

Sat, Dec 26th at 12:40am (8 years ago)
emmyip says:

Sorry, how to change the city of weather?
I am from Hong Kong, but the weather is for Manchester. Moreover, I cant see the digital clock. How can I find it? thanks! this skin is really beautiful!

Mon, Dec 28th at 02:05am (8 years ago)
lamemasta says:

How do you install this?

Tue, Dec 29th at 12:59am (8 years ago)

I placed the whole folder, statics, into the skins folder but don't get the skin to appear in my choices. Do I need to do anything (i.e. change file extensions, etc.)?

Wed, Dec 30th at 08:33pm (8 years ago)
tlo says:

emmyip & GIVINGitAwhirl :
Go to the options setting w/i Rainlendar

lamemasta :
Do not need to install, just unrar and place the whole folder, statica, in Rainlendar's skin folder

Wed, Dec 30th at 08:57pm (8 years ago)

i have biggest problem trying to install this skin (which i LOVE)

i use Mac OS X and i can't find folder to drop ur folder into.

Fri, Jan 1st at 12:00am (8 years ago)

nevermind i get it done now. Still can't find the big date and the time in diff cities to show hmm.

Fri, Jan 1st at 12:36am (8 years ago)

I am looking to change one of the multiple time zone clocks to a 24hr clock. I don't want to change all of them, or the main one, just one of the squares such as Singapore. I realize I need to edit the XML to do that, but does anyone know exactly which values I need to change and what I need to change them to?

Thanks so much! love the skin.

Fri, Jan 1st at 02:18pm (8 years ago)

Nevermind, I figured it out.

Fri, Jan 1st at 02:47pm (8 years ago)
sfleming says:

Hello, having a bit of trouble. I unzipped. Dragged and dropped into Rainmeter's skin folder. Restarted Rainmeter. But when I go to initiate the Statica skin from configs list I get the images flyout with an arrow but nothing else becomes available. help?

Thu, Jan 7th at 12:15pm (8 years ago)
tlo says:

AFAIK, Rainlendar and Rainmeter skins are not interchangeable. Perhaps that's the reason.

Thu, Jan 7th at 07:43pm (8 years ago)
jjeisse says:

So i need rainlender to be able to install this skin?

Sat, Jan 16th at 09:50pm (8 years ago)
jimmykwan says:

how can I change the DST value? Sydney has daylight saving and now should be 1 hour more to the standard time. I tried to change at the digital_clock.xml with DST="1" or DST="+1", yet the clock still show the standard time??? how can I make it right >.<

Wed, Jan 20th at 04:28am (8 years ago)

Awesome skin, but for some reason I can't get the font to look like yours: It's just defaulting to Arial instead. Do I need to have a font preinstalled, and which one if so?

Thu, Jan 21st at 04:33pm (8 years ago)
snapples says:

Hey, can't figure out how to make the clocks work. None of them are showing up for me, including the big digital one. Also, my weather location won't change. How do fix it?

Sun, Feb 7th at 03:36am (8 years ago)
WittHeid says:

Can you tell me how to move the scroll bar on the events lists to the left side of the window? great skin by the way. nice one

Wed, Mar 26th at 05:33pm (3 years ago)

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Created by tlo
on December 19th, 2009

66018 This work is a modification of Statica EN Weather/10-foot HUD Edit by Death of Rats.


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