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Artist's Note

Based on the default Chromophore skin, full credit to Rainy. I just added the weather forecast, it can be changed from the advanced skin's settings by updating your Hometown rss feeds in MSN website.
I also like to thank Shadow4 for providing weather.xml.

Comments (14)

A_Santos says:

Don't work whit me. My SO is Vista.
I liked it skin. But so refreshing.
If i was wrong tell me.

Thu, Aug 13th at 05:37pm (8 years ago)
aamz001 says:

There is an rss Icon in top left corner of msn website, you need to right click it and copy link location.

Sat, Aug 15th at 02:29am (8 years ago)

aamz001, exactly how do I do that? Like, I go to the msn website, which link should I copy, the one that says the name of my hometown? And where should i put the link?


Tue, Aug 25th at 03:25pm (8 years ago)
aamz001 says:

*(which link should I copy, the one that says the name of my hometown?)
What is your hometown? I'll help you with RSS link.

*(where should i put the link?)
go to options> skins> Click on Advanced> Click on Weather> Settings. On weather location paste your link. (Ctrl+V)


Thu, Aug 27th at 03:18am (8 years ago)
Merlina says:

I need help, please. I did, what you said, but the Wet Cromo is always loading. I tried the german and the US msn page, and I changed between °C and °F but it's always the same. Loading, loading, loading. And nothing else. What can I do?


Tue, Sep 8th at 04:22pm (8 years ago)
Merlina says:

I used this link at least:

Tue, Sep 8th at 04:54pm (8 years ago)
aamz001 says:

No!!! this one:

Dank unt fil glück

Wed, Sep 9th at 09:31pm (8 years ago)
Merlina says:

Doesn't work... :(

Thu, Sep 10th at 05:08am (8 years ago)
Net-man says:

Merlina, try that:

Fri, Sep 11th at 04:11am (8 years ago)
Net-man says:

Fixed some troubles with font:

Fri, Sep 11th at 06:02am (8 years ago)
Merlina says:

Ähhh... sorry, but I can't read russian.... can't you upload it here at customize.org?

Fri, Sep 11th at 09:15pm (8 years ago)
Net-man says:

Ok, look here:

Sat, Sep 12th at 11:39am (8 years ago)
Merlina says:

Perfect! Thank you!

Sun, Sep 13th at 11:20am (8 years ago)

Works Great ecept I still cant get the weather to work at all, Does anyone know how to fix this so I can use the weather also, Thanxs!!!!

Fri, Sep 25th at 11:36am (8 years ago)

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Created by aamz001
on August 5th, 2009


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