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Rainlendar Skins / Pica for Rainlendar

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Artist's Note

It's tiny.

Don't forget to install the font.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (6)

Brianam says:

I pasted the folder "pisa" in the "Rainlendar2\skins" folder

I pasted the font in the "windows/fonts" folder

but it don't work

Tue, Jul 14th at 06:48am (8 years ago)
Brianam says:

sorry my mistake, it works fine

Tue, Jul 14th at 06:50am (8 years ago)
garbanzo says:

over 9000 views. 2.5k downloads. and the only comments are one dude who does not know what he's doing, and some jackass spamming about watches.

this site is full of blood sucking leeches.

Thu, Aug 6th at 12:04pm (8 years ago)
geelee says:

not works for me. only shows the calendar, No todo, No events.
im using vista SP2.
the other skins worked fine.
im copied the pisa dir to rainlendar2/skins/pisa.
installed fonts VISITOR.
what is wrong ? plz help

Sat, Aug 22nd at 03:50am (8 years ago)
geelee says:

im not a stupid dunno. im a heavy computer user since 10y'old.
it is relevaed that events window is hidden because TITLE is not shown. if I add "events" manually the events shown itself. but there is not title. ....(!?) so i dont know where is the other windows on the desk ,and i cannot click on them,,,

Sat, Aug 22nd at 04:09am (8 years ago)
Phattypab says:

how do you get the horizontal calendar?

Tue, Nov 17th at 03:57pm (8 years ago)

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Created by garbanzo
on June 28th, 2009


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