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Artist's Note

Supports any language installed in rainlander.
With widths that will fit exaclty on 1280px, 1600px or 1920px (hdmi) monitors.
Tasks and events with same height as calendar bar for better integration.
A 15 days of next month calendar added working as a dual calendar system.
Just unzip and double-click "soeima.r2skin". Possibly a restart of rainlander is needed before selecting the skin on the skin options.

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Comments (17)

brnmtf says:

finally! decent horizontal calendar.

thank you.

Thu, Jan 15th at 04:10am (9 years ago)

How Do I Use it? It isnt Showing Up In The Skins Tab for me.

Thu, Jan 15th at 05:16pm (9 years ago)
Soeima says:

Skin fixed...

Mon, Jan 19th at 04:58am (9 years ago)
Flamehead says:

Amazing! I beg You please develop this concept. Multiple calendars support, horizontally scalable calendar (i love the proportions so the strip may contain more days for next month to fit wider screen res), month+1 and -1 variables, multiple icons per day, and day highlight colors. I know You're probably still working on it, but couldn't help it. This design is so exciting!

Tue, Jan 20th at 05:58pm (9 years ago)

What beautiful wallpaper. Where did you get it?

Fri, Jan 23rd at 03:12am (9 years ago)
renneta says:

woww Love the wall!! can you tell me where i can find it , pretty please

Sat, Jan 24th at 04:07am (9 years ago)
astro2 says:

Without a doubt,the best Rainlendar I've used and I've used a few from some of the best. The detail is spot on. Function superb. If you want a high quality rainlendar,this is the one. Download today.

Mon, Jan 26th at 04:49pm (8 years ago)
XenoMorph says:

OMG The best Horizontal skin eeeeever!!!!

És Português? ;)

Fri, Mar 6th at 02:34pm (8 years ago)
zorro1964 says:

The best I have ever seen, however I cannot use it. I have unzipped, double-clicked and nothing happens.
I have xp / SP3. Can anybody help me??

Tue, Apr 14th at 06:20am (8 years ago)
jkforde says:

great skin... not sure if this is possible but just one improvement suggestion... move the event icons to the same side as the title space to save some more space! thanks
SonicHowler +1 - where did you find that wallpaper, it's beautiful

Wed, May 6th at 01:37pm (8 years ago)
magia154 says:

Excellent. Thank's.

Thu, Jun 4th at 01:22am (8 years ago)
rajkumarg says:

where can i get the wallpaper its awesome, simply superb, showing the true beauty of mother nature

Fri, Aug 28th at 05:57am (8 years ago)
rajkumarg says:

here u go people, the link for the wallpaper,
but only small resolution 1024X768

i tried my best

Fri, Aug 28th at 06:06am (8 years ago)

Downloaded this just now; it's really pretty. You're a fantastic artist~

Sat, Jun 5th at 02:40am (7 years ago)
victoroc says:


Sat, Sep 11th at 07:11am (7 years ago)
Tommy2jz says:

1920px doesn't seem to be available for some reason. Max resolution i can pick is 1280px. I am on Win7 x64 pro

Sat, Jan 15th at 12:37pm (7 years ago)

Got the same problem like Tommy. Have FullHD, and three sizes of the bar appear, but none of them 1920px wide. Also the numbers in there are ridiculously small. Can hardly read them, when I sit in front of my 15" laptop normally and not with my nose on the screen. Except for this its a really great skin. :)
Heres a screenshot:

Sun, Oct 6th at 05:42am (4 years ago)

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Created by Soeima
on January 13th, 2009


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