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Artist's Note

GAIA08 Rainlendar old skin for GAIA08 suite

Based on Imrik's graphics

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Comments (14)

chiwou says:

old or new rainlendar ?

Thu, Oct 2nd at 12:34pm (8 years ago)

I get this error message when applying the skin: File cannot be opened: message.png

Thu, Oct 2nd at 07:15pm (8 years ago)

it does seem to work fine though!

Thu, Oct 2nd at 07:17pm (8 years ago)
naalo says:

Wow, the calendar widget looks really great!

Fri, Oct 3rd at 06:00am (8 years ago)
reb70 says:

chiwou - v2.1
auburn - :)
naalo - Thank you.

Sat, Oct 4th at 09:57am (8 years ago)

uhmm...whenever i download a new skin, it just says that it's an old rainlendar skin, when some are new and that some features might not be supported. How do i fix this? :O

Sat, Oct 4th at 08:40pm (8 years ago)

what is the big arrow up button supposed to do? It doesn't do anything on my calendar.
Very handy and fits with the theme very well. Thanks!

Sun, Oct 5th at 01:06pm (8 years ago)
reb70 says:

insanity - i don't know what's the error. Sorry.
auburn - Show current month.

Mon, Oct 6th at 05:19am (8 years ago)
fulon says:

is it for rainlendar? but i haven't done it, even change name to r2skin.
maybe is it for rainmeter? i saw one *.ini in it, but not sure.

Sun, Oct 19th at 03:54am (8 years ago)

i love this skin, but is there a setting or a way to change something in the code to make it so that when there is a event on the date, the day is still orange instead of green? i mean keeping ”today” orange instead of having it be green

Thu, Oct 23rd at 11:31pm (8 years ago)
elepop says:

I had the 2.3 version and it didn't work so I downloaded the 2.1 version and it still doesn't work. It says "This is an old Rainlendar skin. Some features might not be working". When I select that skin, the Rainlendar refreshes but it stay the default skin. Maybe I should go find an even older version.

Sat, Nov 8th at 01:02am (8 years ago)
elepop says:

I downloaded the 0.2 version and it works now! It says "File cannot be opened: message.png" when Rainlendar opens, but the skin still work! Thanks for this amazing skin!

Sat, Nov 8th at 10:16am (8 years ago)
reb70 says:

Okey...really...this is an OLD rainlendar skin which was configure with .ini file. i using with 2.1 version and working.
ricemonkey: you can search and open the gaia08.ini and change two registry after the TodayBitmapName= and EventBitmapName=, or rename two png files (today and event)
Otherwise thanks for all feedbacks.

Tue, Nov 11th at 02:21am (8 years ago)

Uuuuber-cute skin; I've always loved the GAIA stuff on this site. It doesn't work on my laptop (not your fault, don't worry) but it's a gorgeous piece of work.

Sat, Jun 5th at 04:04am (7 years ago)

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Created by reb70
and Imrik
on October 2nd, 2008


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GAIA 2008


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