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Rainlendar Skins / Widget addon for Shadow4

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Artist's Note

This is an addon for the Shadow4 skin which comes with Rainlendar. It adds RSS feed, weather, TV and countdown windows to the skin.

To install just drop the file (Shadow4 Widgets.r2skin-addon) over any Rainlendar window like installing a normal .r2skin. After a refresh you can choose the windows from the Rainlendar's advanced skin options.

The addon requires Rainlendar 2.4.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (15)

moshi says:

thanks. looking forward to read the code.

Sun, Aug 24th at 07:24am (9 years ago)

The Shadow series of skins are my favourite by far.
I'd like to have seen the analog clock from the Shadow series to be included, too. I hope that's in the future.

Mon, Aug 25th at 04:17pm (9 years ago)
Kaninfisk says:

I can't get the weather-thing to work. I noticed that you used msn to get the weather, but it won't work for me. Any thoughts?

Sun, Aug 31st at 01:48pm (9 years ago)
POLLY says:


Mon, Sep 1st at 12:53am (9 years ago)
seattle says:

Thanks! it's really cool.
BTW, I changed the weather location code in ini file and the weather widget works.

Sat, Sep 13th at 12:08pm (9 years ago)
SeTeS says:

Is there a way to get these to work through a proxy?

Wed, Sep 17th at 09:55am (9 years ago)
Larhan says:

I have this error text : The skin Shadow4_widgets doesn't exist. Unable to merge the addon.
What can i do ?

Fri, Sep 19th at 09:41am (9 years ago)
JTuttle says:

How do you use the TV widget?
Is there a way to remove the seconds from the countdown?

Sun, Sep 28th at 09:57pm (9 years ago)

Not sure if it is an RSS version issue or just a bad/weird RSS feed, but ESPN's Top Headlines RSS feed () leaves extra (Javascript?) text in the headlines. Is there any way to fix this?

Wed, Oct 8th at 10:33am (9 years ago)

nevermind, I fixed it. for those interested... I edited the rss.lua file in the Shadow4_Widgets.r2skin-addon archive by adding the following lines:

data = string.gsub(data, "<!%[CDATA%[", "")
data = string.gsub(data, "%]%]>", "")

in the 'clean data' section at lines 54 and 55. hope this helps someone else.

Fri, Oct 10th at 08:06am (9 years ago)
jonacid says:

I have the same problem like Larhan!
What can we do?

Wed, Oct 15th at 07:03pm (9 years ago)
Sneaks says:

I seem to have the same problem as Larhan and jonacid.. There is no Shadow4 Widgets.r2skin-addon is in the available download.

Wed, Nov 12th at 08:01am (9 years ago)
starbreiz says:

Loving this skin. Just curious, is there a way to customize the feed for photos? I'd love to set it to my Flickr feed for pics of my family. I didn't see it in options->advanced, but I could be missing something. Thanks!

Mon, Mar 23rd at 08:25pm (8 years ago)

I'd like to have the TV point to my local TV stations, as I'm not in Finland, and it doesn't work with Rainlander 2.6

Fri, Sep 11th at 10:09am (8 years ago)
gschan says:

Any plans on porting this to Rainlendar v2.6?

Sat, Sep 19th at 08:57pm (8 years ago)

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Created by -rainy-
on August 23rd, 2008


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