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Rainlendar Skins / Tangoish for Rainlendar

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Artist's Note

I couldn't find a rainlendar skin that could match my heavily tangoified desktop so I decided to create my own. It took me forever to finish it, partly because it was saved on my windows partition, which I don't use very often. But at last, it's finally ready for you to enjoy!

Like my previous rainlendar skin, Ice Angel event and todolist categories are colour coded (so they are named red, green, blue, orange etc, instead of the default names) I find that this method of categorizing is less cluttered and easier to use. If you were previously using the default categories in another rainlendar skin, you'll need to recategorize your items for the colours to work.

The coloured bar that contains weekday names is customizable. You can change the colour of it to match your desktop by going into the options for the calendar window.

All icons used in this skin are from the Tango Project ()

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (6)

TXTR says:

Solid work

Thu, Aug 14th at 06:04am (9 years ago)
split says:

god i love tango. good work here.

Thu, Aug 14th at 07:31am (9 years ago)
GTOfire says:

very nice looking skin. So nice in fact, I was wondering if there is a way to get a year calendar going with this skin like the shadow4 default one has.
I kinda prefer all the different category icons like shadow4 has over having to remember what color I gave to different events, but the color scheme for tangoish just fits my desktop so well :)

anyways thanks for a great skin, year calendar or not.

Mon, Jan 19th at 10:03pm (9 years ago)
TXTR says:

i came back to tell you how i love it - this is more than solid - its great <3

Tue, Feb 10th at 10:44am (8 years ago)
Blanc says:

je crois que j'ai testé tous les skins, et je trouve que celui là est le meilleur, le plus beau et le plus pratique
juste un truc : serait-il possible, pour une prochaine version, d'avoir l'affichage avec 2 mois?

Thu, Apr 30th at 01:47pm (8 years ago)
Gwen30GG says:

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Tue, Jan 26th at 05:35pm (7 years ago)

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Created by ninique
on August 13th, 2008


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