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Artist's Note

This skin is based off the original by Rainy.I altered the images to my liking.The skin has multiple colors.You can change from the settings or by clicking the down arrow on the calendar.Thanks Rainy.

Edit:For Rainlendar 2.3 and up.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (6)

nova28 says:

Nice looking, but I was disappointed. This skin does not work in RL 0.22.1. You should say in your description that it is for Rainlendar 2 only.

Sat, Apr 19th at 07:28am (9 years ago)
Tweak_BL says:

It is a Direct mod of Chromophore.I just redid some of the graphics.RL 0.22.1 release did not support Chromophore or .r2skin format .Sorry for any confusion.
By the way Nova28, I love the Tarragon Aero colorpack skins.Is there a way for you to take Tarragon Aero colorpack and make it work like the default Chromophore while keeping the same look and adding the analog clock?

Sat, Apr 19th at 04:36pm (9 years ago)
nova28 says:

No, it was not confusion on your part; it was completely my mistake. If I would have looked under the screenshot, next to the word 'Download file', I would have seen that it clearly said '.r2skin'. So, I'm sorry about that.

As for my Tarragon Aero RL, I had been working on a new version with new features, and I just haven't been able to get it to work the way I want in Rainlendar 2. So, at the moment, I'm very frustrated with RL2. Sorry, if my frustration carried over into my earlier comment here.

Keep up the good work.

Sat, Apr 19th at 07:58pm (9 years ago)
Tweak_BL says:

It's cool.Feed back is a good thing.
I edited all my uploads anyway just in case someone was unsure.
It took me 2 weeks to figure out how to even edit what I uploaded.I am a bit of a noob.
(Hint:Click your account button:)Select edit or delete.)
I had uploaded .png format screenshots that did not look right, so I uploaded .jpg format screenshots instead, they look much better.
I had already Posted in Rainy's forum,E-mailed customize.org and started a group for help ,which I have since deleted.All for the lack of clicking on my account button.Boy, I felt really silly.

Don't give up on Tarragon Aero.I personally would like to see it packaged up in .r2skin format with color changing ability.You can use my clock face if you want.

Sun, Apr 20th at 12:28am (9 years ago)
zolon says:

I love your skins! Thanks so much for nice work, but I have one request if that's ok....weeknumbers. Is it possible? Would be great if you can fix that. Thanx again :)

Mon, Apr 21st at 04:29pm (9 years ago)
shj1986 says:

I don't know how clock is displayed...;;;;;

Would you tell me how I do.??;;;;

Thu, Feb 12th at 01:42am (8 years ago)

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Created by Tweak_BL
on April 17th, 2008


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