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Artist's Note

Sidewall is a vertical calendar skin for Rainlendar 2. Please post any bugs and suggestions; you can also email comments to me at nick2588 [at] fastmail.fm

Version 0.4.1 (14 November 2007):
* Fixed "invisible days" bug (removed categories)

Version 0.4 (1 October 2007):
* Custom text colors for weekdays, weekends, weekday events, weekend events. Set them all the same and it will look like the previous versions of Sidewall, or pick a different color for each type of day on the calendar and create something like in the screenshot.
* Right and left alignment.
* Multilingual support.
* Todo List should work now.
* Custom text colors for Event List and Todo List.

Comments (25)


Nice, slick, and minimal, while still as functional as anything else out there. Haven't encountered any bugs as of yet, but I look forward to future releases (grey/black text for different backgrounds, horizontal?). Keep up the excellent work.

Mon, Sep 10th at 12:43pm (10 years ago)
fubu says:


Tue, Sep 11th at 04:35pm (10 years ago)
rreardon says:

Can't seem to get the todo list to show up tried editing some XML but nothing. Am i missing something?

Fri, Sep 14th at 02:35pm (10 years ago)
nick2588 says:

The To Do List is not shown by default in this skin, but you can show it. Right click the Rainlendar icon in the system tray, go to Windows and check To Do List. Also, make sure in Settings that the "Hide windows if there are no items" option is unchecked/off.

Fri, Sep 14th at 04:23pm (10 years ago)
rsilveira says:

I have the same problem as rreardon. Tried instructions above but the option in window-to do list does not appear.

Wed, Sep 19th at 02:41pm (10 years ago)
nick2588 says:

Alright, the only other thing I can think of is regarding the colors of the skin. Go to Options > Skins and click the Advanced button. Double-click on "Sidewall Right - Todo List" (bottom item in the list). In the popup window, make sure that EITHER "Color black" or "Color white" (under the "Variables" section at the bottom of the window) has a value of 1 and the other color variable has a value of 0. If both values are 0, nothing will show up, so I'm thinking that is what is happening.

Wed, Sep 26th at 07:09pm (10 years ago)
Crow25 says:

Right-clicking on the tray icon and expanding the 'window' folder. There is no 'to do' option available. Also checked to see that the "Hide windows if there are no items" was unchecked.
Also tried your latest post in the advanced options. There is no "Sidewall Right - Todo List".

It's almost as though the "to-do" list was disabled by the skin default?
Am i missing something?

Sat, Sep 29th at 04:10am (10 years ago)

If it helps, the Todo list was working in the initial release, but isn't appearing (despite the advice) since the Sep. 11th update. Also, it shows up in Sidewall_White_Right (0.2) automatically, but not Sidewall_Right (0.3), which is visually the exact same skin. Maybe the same problem, maybe not, but hopefully this'll help in the diagnosis.

Sat, Sep 29th at 07:19pm (10 years ago)

i don't mind not having the to do list since i don't use it often anyways, but it'll be sweet if there's color on the weekend days. and since u've make a right skin maybe u should make a left one? just a request

Sun, Sep 30th at 09:02pm (10 years ago)
nick2588 says:

Thanks for the suggestions and bug reports, everybody. I really appreciate the feedback, so please keep it coming. :-)

I just updated the skin to version 0.4. This new version should fix the Todo List problems, and it also lets you color weekdays, weekends, weekdays with events, and weekends with events differently.

Tue, Oct 2nd at 01:21am (10 years ago)
lotion says:

This skin is awesome except I've found a couple of bugs. 1) Catagory icons are displayed twice on the calendar view (once next to the day number and once towards the center line). 2) Events spanning multiple days cause the days to disappear.

Wed, Oct 3rd at 12:39am (10 years ago)
nick2588 says:

Hmm, I know about the categories thing, but I didn't know there was a problem with events that span multiple days. I just created an event in my Google calendar that spans from Sunday - Tuesday and it shows up as expected in Rainlendar with my skin (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are all visible and all colored blue in the calendar window; in the event list window it shows up on each day as it should). I've played with the event to change the dates/times/etc. but I cannot "cause the days to disappear". Any more tips or specific examples you can give so that I can reproduce the problem with events spanning multiple days would be great.

Fri, Oct 5th at 02:14am (10 years ago)
phd0 says:

In events.xml, please remove the line ther are "xxx.number.xxx" text to show the default font

Fri, Oct 5th at 04:07pm (10 years ago)
lotion says:

Ah ... I figured it out. Apparently, the days disappear if an event spanning multiple days has been assigned a catagory. To reproduce, add an event spanning Friday to Tuesday and assign it a catagory (I selected "Holiday").

Sun, Oct 7th at 11:34pm (10 years ago)
lotion says:

In addition to what I mention above, the same event is displayed in the event list strangely ... It is left-side aligned and yellow instead of the default right-side aligned and white.

Sun, Oct 7th at 11:36pm (10 years ago)
lotion says:

Ack ... sorry about the triple posts but I've discovered that it seems to be specific to the "Holidays" catagory and not limited to multiple day events (single day events are also affected). Possibly others?

Sun, Oct 7th at 11:42pm (10 years ago)
nick2588 says:

Ah, yes, I see the problem. The categories in my skin are the same ones from the default skin. Some of these are set to change the font of the days in the calendar and I forgot to remove those parts of the code. Basically, it trys to use a font that is not in the skin, so it just displays as blank space. It happens with the Business category, for example. These categories also affect the event list, like phd0 pointed out. I will fix this in the next version.

The dual/phantom category icons are going to be a bit of a challenge, however. I'll look into this and see what solution I can come up with.

Mon, Oct 8th at 05:52pm (10 years ago)
lp007 says:

First, let me say that I love this skin... the minimalism compliments my desktop perfectly. Well Done!

I clicked the link to update to 0.4.1 but the "Details" still states that it is version 0.4 and since I still have the "invisible days" bug, I'm wondering if the link is dl'ing the latest version.

I deleted all versions of the skin that I dl'ed before to make sure there was no conflict.

It would also be nice if the current day indicator's (the diamond <>) color could be changed.

And if the Month/Year size or font-size could be adjusted. The scaling feature leaves the text looking pretty bad.

thk you.

Wed, Nov 28th at 04:40pm (10 years ago)
Pozor says:

Version 0.4 here as well, and I have invisible days too. Categories 'Trip' and ' Work' events don't show up in the calendar, but they do create double icons, like someone pointed out earlier.

The 'Trip' and 'Work' events do show up in the Event List, although the 'Work' items are left-aligned and the 'Trip' items are so far right-aligned that half of the description always 'falls off' the edge of the window, even when there is plenty space on the left.

This is the first skin I really liked (apart form the default one), but I'm kind of disappointed by these little imperfections. Maybe I shouldn't do so many Trips and Work-related stuff..

Fri, Dec 7th at 06:45pm (10 years ago)
othum says:

simply but very good...thanx for this...

Sun, Dec 30th at 09:19am (10 years ago)
rombro says:

Simple and tight Rainlendar skin. I love it. Cheers Nick!

Can you make a skin for "Fancy"? If so, please contact me.


Thu, Mar 5th at 03:55am (8 years ago)
Flokodil says:

I searched for a very long time for a good looking, use- and powerful Calendar - I found it!
And it works with Windows 7, Beta, RC7 :-)

Thanks, Nick - I'm happy about it :-)))
Flo, Germany-Bavaria

Tue, May 26th at 06:51am (8 years ago)
wombleme says:

I love that calendar sking, feels kind of 1980's (in a good way) :) looks great on my asus

Wed, Jul 1st at 08:22am (8 years ago)

Sweet Rainlendar Skin. Great job Nick. I'd love to see one with a [http://www.truthaboutdiamonds.com/truth
-about/diamond-cut/ Diamond Cut] Theme. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Thu, Jul 16th at 08:20am (8 years ago)

Sweet Rainlendar Skin. Great job Nick. I'd love to see one with a theme. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Thu, Jul 16th at 08:22am (8 years ago)

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