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Artist's Note

Please read the readme. What's new in this release? Pretty much the new dark day text styles. So there's a whole new bunch of options.

Changes in this version:
- White day text options added
- Event and "Today" styles redone, they flow slightly better
- White days redone: now have a slight shadow to emphasize them
a tiny bit more (make it look somewhat 'embossed')

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Comments (14)


Thanks for the update! That's one sexy Rainlendar skin.

Sat, Dec 10th at 11:32pm (12 years ago)
ranqour says:

Great update.

Sat, Dec 10th at 05:19pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

a bar option would be great in further releases :D

Sat, Dec 10th at 06:44pm (12 years ago)

excellent design

Sat, Dec 10th at 09:24pm (12 years ago)

sorry thought I had upgraded. Looks very nice

Sat, Dec 10th at 11:15pm (12 years ago)

thanks for the great comments :) ..suggestions are always welcome!

Sun, Dec 11th at 12:06am (12 years ago)
moshi says:

great calendar.
nice to see you are constantly working on it. :)

Sun, Dec 11th at 02:15am (12 years ago)
Macxp says:

Looks nice

Sun, Dec 11th at 08:02am (12 years ago)
ftcloud says:


Wed, Dec 28th at 02:41pm (12 years ago)
OAKside24 says:

=Favorite Rainy Skin of All-Time= Love this one! For matching RKLauncher theme, see my deviantART page. Thanks chunk!

Wed, Feb 8th at 02:11am (11 years ago)
adner says:

Relly great skin. One thing I miss it is lack of week no. I really, really miss it (it is helpfully in work scheduling).

Sat, Nov 11th at 05:09am (11 years ago)

how do i get the clock and would really appreciate if u added the week numbers, so useful. thanks for your time

Mon, Nov 20th at 08:47pm (11 years ago)

so nice

Sun, Jan 7th at 11:47pm (11 years ago)

Hm, never noticed the dark skin before. How on earth did I miss that... ?

Sat, Jun 5th at 04:07am (7 years ago)

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Created by thechunkster
on December 10th, 2005


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