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Artist's Note

I'm not sure if many people will like this skin or not, but here it is. Each month has a unique bit of calligraphy that looks kind of cool, and so do the ToDo, Event, and Message windows. It has ToDo and Event buttons also. Once again I used Adni18's sweet Glassy Calendar skin as a starting point, but if there are any glitches in the skin they're mine, as his Glassy skin doesn't have any i've found and I changed the skin alot. Please let me know if u find any so I can fix them.

Comments (9)


Very creative and unique. That's what I like to see. I'm not sure what theme would go with this but that doesn't matter. Great job.

Wed, Sep 14th at 01:05pm (12 years ago)
razail says:

for what you were trying to accomplish, it looks pretty good. not something that goes with every wallpaper, but with the right one it can fit perfectly. the right theme could also make it look even better. have a pat on the back. ::pat::

Mon, Sep 12th at 09:31pm (12 years ago)

I think this is a wonderfull addition to my skins library. Totally unique and wholly original.

Mon, Sep 12th at 10:24pm (12 years ago)

Thanx! Glad someone out there liked it.

Tue, Sep 13th at 01:31am (12 years ago)
FnaD says:

I like it a lot. Very unique

Tue, Sep 13th at 05:40am (12 years ago)
_Gigi says:

Great job, nice illustrated, only the 'year' font is too black and bold and looks rough.

Tue, Sep 13th at 03:35pm (12 years ago)
noizze says:

well done... except font for 'Day Of Week' didn't fit to 'Month' font and entire composition.

Wed, Sep 14th at 12:26am (12 years ago)
001dahan says:

good job,i like it

Wed, Sep 14th at 01:02pm (12 years ago)
vevila says:

I love Calligraphy! Great job!

Thu, Aug 31st at 11:46am (11 years ago)

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Created by Supermatter
on September 12th, 2005


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