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Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 6 years
Member since: June 10th, 2011
Last update: 6 years ago
System: Slackware / Debian / Win XP
Media Player: whatever

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Music: Rammstein, Tool
Books & Authors: Stanislaw Lem, Truman Capote
Films & Directors: Revolver, Equilibrium, St. Trinians
TV Shows: Buffy, Brimstone, Charlie Jade


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Up by pigmom309
So cute. Wall url?
Posted 6 years ago.
Blu by UltraLinx
oh come on, make theme with cute guy *cough*
Posted 6 years ago.
31/10 Screenshot by UltraLinx
luv <3
Posted 6 years ago.
New desktop by beagle
Wall url?
Posted 6 years ago.
Carefree Summer by PhillipStyle
Could you list what styles you used?
Posted 6 years ago.

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