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Poetry / Lemonade

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Artist's Note

Melting in the sun, I lay
on a faded, sagging lawnchair.
Gripping a cup of lemonade
that I bought for a quarter
from the girl down the street.
Feet dangling into the pool as
I gaze across the glass surface.

Beads of sweat lazily slip
from my forehead to my chin.
My mouth reaches for the straw
moistening my parched lips.
Slurping, lemonade flows down
my throat and through my veins
refreshing, rejuvenating
my sun-dried, sweat-soaked body.

A breeze floats past forming
ripples in the sapphire glass
as the sun concedes to the moon.
Sparkles in the sky take turns
revealing themselves until finally the
shiest of stars comes out to say good night.

I sink a little lower in my chair and
begin to lose sight of the diamonds up above
while my eyes struggle to stay ajar.
And as I drift into a light slumber,
I look forward to doing it all over again tomorrow:
strolling down the street for my sweet lemonade
and sipping it by the water in the
desiccating yet drenching heat
until the stars flicker good night.

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Comments (7)

swmmng says:

We have a poetry section?


Sun, Apr 1st at 05:23pm (10 years ago)
egolatra says:

since when :O

oh i get it, april's fool rite?

Sun, Apr 1st at 05:27pm (10 years ago)
Nylons says:

good one :D

Sun, Apr 1st at 05:37pm (10 years ago)
cthu1hu says:

If it's an April Fool's prank, it's either strange or genius or both.

If not, I think it's a cool idea m'self.

Sun, Apr 1st at 09:15pm (10 years ago)
R I P says:

lol! no way..

Sun, Apr 1st at 09:35pm (10 years ago)
WillyT says:

I like that poem, made me relax.

Sun, Apr 1st at 09:56pm (10 years ago)
adz_619 says:

I only know of Deviant Art who have a poetry section...

Mon, Apr 2nd at 03:39am (10 years ago)

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Created by wraybling
on April 1st, 2007


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