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Name: Paresh Khatri  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 9 years
Member since: September 26th, 2007
Last update: 9 years ago
Occupation: Graphics Designer
Birthday: August 27th, 1987 (30 years old)
Location: Surat
Home country: India
MSN: [email protected]
System: Windows vista, windows xp 64bit
Software / Tools: All graphics software
Media Player: windows media player

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About pariyo

Welcome on Pariyo, the webpage of Paresh Khatri, a indian web designer/graphic designer/flash Designer.
To know more about my work, you can check my book, browse the different parts of my website and read my blog.
Enjoy your visit.

Knowledge :

* Graphism
o Graphism
o Web Design
o Icons
o Flash

Website development and design

A website is not a product, but a development process that needs to be planned by an expert from the very start. This is where our team, composed by marketing and search engine optimization experts, graphics designers and web developers comes in. Only a highly-integrated, professional web development team can offer a complete solution. Only a web development team understanding all the aspects of web design can suggest you the best options for each different project, taking into account budget, audience and website objective.

A website comprises the integration of many technologies and disciplines: graphics design is important in terms of aesthetics and usability, our web programmers and database developers can implement the latest and more reliable technologies for scalability, agility and robustness, and our search engine optimization experts can build a network of links to increase popularity and improve search engine rankings.

Presentation Design

The purposes of presentations are simple and clear: they are made to impress people. A presentation that is interactive, fun and carries the gist can be termed as the most effective presentation. High-impact presentations, irrespective of softwares used- appeals the target section for you.

Moreover as a matter of understanding, it has become a common norm to use every possible means to turn a presentation as effective as possible.

I understand your requirements and works with your imaginative skills and the technological capabilities. We are dedicated to construct presentations to add to your credibility. Our custom presentations are focused on your specific requirements. With designs of high end quality we prepare:
# Custom Flash and Logo (animated or non-animated)
# Copywriting and Editing
# Videos, Photographs, 3 dimensional graphics design and their integrated backgrounds
# Layout

Logo Designs and corporate Identity

All future logo owners are passionate about the logo design. I am offering instrumental logo design that helps in building high-end corporate identity that successfully exudes a company’s attitude and shows disposition, character, or fundamental values of your company. All this comes for a small business or individual needing a new company identity at an affordable price.

I feel that the more professional, classy and sophisticated your logo design is the better will be the customer’s impression about your company and its image.

I offer logo design and corporate identity solutions for professional services, corporate business logo design, medical, travel, finance industry, entertainment, custom logo design for fashion and other industries.

Logo Design Timeline:

Initial concepts: Within 2-3 business days
Revisions: Within 3 business days of client feedback
Final delivery: Within 2 business days of design finalization

Banner and Ad’s Designs

Though the importance of banner ads are realized only when an organization or someone owns a website, this is one of the most important section of revenue generation.

The prominence of a banner ad is highly important on a website. Since placed in very particular and typical places on a page, it becomes necessary to come up with an idea which catches the eyesight of a visitor on a page.

I come up with ideas’ which are the catchiest in their nature.

I understand constraints applicable and then work with the best technologies creating a superb visual effect.


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Please visit my work and let me know can i get a good job as a graphics designer?

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hey thanks my cutiepie how are you? so long to see you how are you doing? hope everything is fine and going well I WAS REALLY MISSING YOU SO MUCH.
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its not a ubuntu logo my friend
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Rysh says:
hi my friend!
I'm sorry, I'm realy busy these days !
you can try online! there are many good and suitable tutorials! ...maybe in an other time to teach you! ;)
good luck
Sat 22nd Mar, 07:37am
Draikou says:
Hey Paresh, whats up?
So hows life been treating you?
Thu 14th Feb, 09:59pm
amna says:
Hello!!! sup?
Sun 20th Jan, 06:30am
motorist says:
Hello my friend ... =)
Wed 16th Jan, 05:09am