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Name: Maria Ozawa  Female
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 8 months
Member since: November 26th, 2008
Last update: 8 months ago
Occupation: Fashion
Birthday: January 8th, 1986 (31 years old)
Location: New York, NY
Home country: United States

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"In my heart there will always be a place for you ... it will never change. I'll keep you with me forever. Wherever I am ... there you are. Your love is engraved in my heart and etched in my soul.I'm gonna lock up my heart and throw away the key, because there is no other in this world for me. I'm gonna lock up my heart and throw away the key, because no one else in this world can do the things you do to me. For longer than forever I'll hold you in my heart... Wherever you go, whatever you do, you know I love you ... from my heart I really do. I will be waiting, always. Whatever it takes, whatever's at stake, you know I'll be right here, right here ... always waiting for you. There's no need to look the distance to find me because in your heart is where I will forever be."

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Sexy Girl by crazyboat
She has a beautiful skin and excellent boobs. I love this nipples!
Posted 8 years ago.

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François de la Rochefoucauld:

"The pleasure of love is in loving, and we derive more happiness from the passion that we experience than from the passion we arouse."

Posted 8 years ago

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