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what's the use of feet if we haven't got legs?
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Name: Sigve Lien  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 8 years
Member since: October 3rd, 2007
Last update: 10 years ago
Occupation: work at the relay service.
Birthday: January 29th, 1985 (32 years old)
Home country: Norway
MSN: [email protected]
Media Player: foobar

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Interests: soccer, music, movies, you know.

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used to be crazylegz...


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372 Titlebar icons
yeah you can use bb4bwin as your default shell. which is the best stuff youll ever come across as long as youll live.
Posted 8 years ago in Customize.org.
4108 Submitting Pics for Cork 2008

Posted 9 years ago in CustoCork.
372 the PLEASE keep me logged in petition
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
3808 Windows
hey, sure. i have a few bbsubmissions here: write me a PM there and let's see what we can do.
Posted 9 years ago in GAIA 2008.
3808 Suite Organization
seriously, its terrible to keep anything organized on a site like customize.org where everything takes ages to load. maybe something similar to what...
Posted 9 years ago in GAIA 2008.

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Morning Glory by noka
its not the bb that makes it transparent, its an app called lucid :)
Posted 8 years ago.
shinra by HughC
great choice of music, and a great popup.
Posted 9 years ago.
TWELVE by noka
high fives to all of you!
Posted 9 years ago.
GAIA08 Ultra-Minimal by mangosango
this turned out really nice. sorry i didn't collab with you on this, but that was probably a good thing :)
Posted 9 years ago.
On. by Zephizimer
yes.. bb4thewin.
Posted 9 years ago.

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Morning Glory
8 years ago

8 years ago

Dark DeviantArt
9 years ago

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reddit says:
Hi! please visit
Thu 19th Feb, 02:38am
PuNk NiRvAnA says:
Thanks for adding. ^^
Mon 22nd Dec, 05:42am
cthu1hu says:
Not much. I've been using Windows' Explorer. I know, it's pretty bad ;) I don't have an IM installed ATM..
Sun 12th Oct, 02:05pm
jg-visuals says:
Congrats on the feature! :D
Wed 8th Oct, 07:51pm
neodude says:
crazy legz!
Tue 10th Jun, 09:33pm
NxQ3 says:
Thanks for the add!
Mon 24th Mar, 07:23am
naalo says:
Still awaiting that photo...

Sat 1st Mar, 02:54am
Rysh says:
hi ! ;)
Sun 17th Feb, 06:50am
umei says:
Not too much. :) sup wit you?
Thu 1st Nov, 04:40pm
Pyro_ says:
I will always think of you as Crazylegz! ;P

Update: I feel your pain, I am currently desperately trying to get my own computer working, and the internet is the main butthead of the whole ordeal.
Fri 5th Oct, 07:40pm
Thomax says:
cool new avatar
Wed 3rd Oct, 03:49am