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Dual Monitor Software goes version 1.7

alex01 says:

New dual monitor software to manage dual display devices connected to a windows computer launched it's version 1.7. The new version boasts of tons of monitor control features. In order to have a look at the software and download it, please do visit at http://www.murgee.com/MurGeeMon/. Few of the software's features are as given below. Do post a comment here about the software about anything you like about the software or you see some missing feature or anything else.

1) Turn ON or Off one or all monitors.
2) Different monitor background for each of the monitors.
3) Configure seperate screensaver for dual monitors.
4) Functionality to change Monitor Resolution.
5) Change Monitor Orientation easily.
6) Move Application Window to next monitor with shortcut key.
7) Force an application window to start at fixed location on computer screen.
8) Change user or login screensaver easily.
9) Change main monitor to external monitor and vice versa.
10) Minimize or Maximize Window(s) with Shortcut Keys.
11) Display Switch User Screen with desktop shortcut or shortcut key.
12) Limit Mouse Cursor movements on selected monitor.
13) Please do suggest a new feature by posting a comment now....

05:40 am, Thursday, April 01, 2010 (7 years ago)

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