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just fixed a few minor bugs

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nice bug fixes. makes this even better.

Sun, May 18th at 12:08am (14 years ago)

wow...this proggie is just plain fun!...

Thu, May 15th at 07:20pm (14 years ago)

works with win 98?

Fri, May 16th at 07:27am (14 years ago)
roop says:

Good idea!
works great with t clock

Mon, May 19th at 09:13pm (14 years ago)
Groxx says:

w00t. Big suggestion: Make it have a place to type in the tranparency %, instead of clicking like mad to change it :D
Highly suggested, everyone with 2000 or XP should get this, especially if you have a cool background :P

Oh, how do I submit a bad link? DL doesn't work.

Mon, Jul 7th at 04:29pm (14 years ago)
Enceladus says:

you should also make it so it doesnt fade when the start menu is up

Mon, Jan 12th at 08:31pm (13 years ago)
vekxcom says:

How do you get the different desktops to be set? do you have a websitE?

Sun, Aug 8th at 02:31am (13 years ago)

Its really cool but it shuoldent fade when start menu is up or you should have the start menu fade too that'd be cool... Also, when I try and change the backround of "Desktop 2" for example ...it make "Desktop 3 " the same thing if i try to make 3 different .... Still really cool... You should make an icon fader for your desktop icons too!

Thu, Sep 2nd at 08:26pm (13 years ago)
djdikaioo says:

One thing is you have to configure the bar to act like it is auto hid... so that maximize will work completely.

Wed, Nov 3rd at 10:55pm (13 years ago)

slick. i like this. tweak a little more? us fans like these customizations.. simple and slick. as previously hinted.. maybe icon or menu trans? keep pluggin

Sun, Feb 26th at 05:47pm (11 years ago)

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Created by i00
on May 15th, 2003


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