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Artist's Note

For those who have read the past review, I have deleted the other submission and reuploaded the program with phunkyspr33's idea of being able to select the browser used for launching locations and webpages. For those new to this program, it is a space-saving shortcut bar that can launch:
-locations on the harddrive or network
-google searches
-control panel
-recycle bin
-find files dialog
It is similar to the windows address bar but with added functionality and ease of use. I made this because I was tired of having to hit back back back back to get to a root directory, or clicking on an icon on the desktop everytime; icons just take up extra space and cover up some amazing wallpaper designs found on this site ;). Note: If you all have any comments or ideas for improvement let me know and I can work them into a later version, thanks =).



And awesome app that brings quick launching ability to us "code newbies". =)

Sun, Mar 16th at 08:18pm (14 years ago)
spr33 says:

Nice one, i'll be using it all the time now ;)

Fri, Mar 14th at 04:36pm (14 years ago)

Thanks for your input phunky, i'm glad you like it. Thanks for your review too rkenshin, keep up the good work here at custo, this site rules!

Fri, Mar 14th at 08:11pm (14 years ago)

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Created by halcy0nical
on March 14th, 2003


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