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Artist's Note

MIRO Miranda

based on ~imrik's MIRO Wallpaper:
& MIRO Visual Style:

IEView & Modern Clist for Miranda required!


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Comments (11)

verity says:

this looks just like all the other minimal things out there.

Hey torti are you slow? Borderline retarded perhaps?

Tue, Oct 24th at 12:19pm (11 years ago)
kowoolo says:

and it legitimates a rating of 5... wtf. i think that the miro pack s awesome.

Tue, Oct 24th at 01:02pm (11 years ago)
neodude says:

Ditto with the ranking... it goes well with the rest of the MIRO setup, nicely put together Torti and trashmonkey!

Tue, Oct 24th at 01:13pm (11 years ago)
Arleiygn says:

Tue, Oct 24th at 02:36pm (11 years ago)
d0ng says:

Miranda can't get more minimalistic that that. Nice collaboration together, just need to bring out the rest of the suite ;p

Tue, Oct 24th at 04:21pm (11 years ago)
Maximhuz says:


Tue, Oct 24th at 05:31pm (11 years ago)
7sinz says:

A rank of 50? LOL Wynton?

Wed, Oct 25th at 06:00am (11 years ago)
Torti says:

yay..another "good" rating by the "great" custo-poo...erm..i mean...custo-staff

Wed, Oct 25th at 07:02am (11 years ago)
akka says:

nice theme, looks clean and usable. also, it's not a rating, it's a RANKING... the category's still really small, so it's bound to be low, even though yours is the fourth highest ranked in there. will be bumped up in time as the category fills out.

Wed, Oct 25th at 07:02pm (11 years ago)
flass says:

i love this skin:)

Thu, Jul 24th at 10:49am (9 years ago)

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Created by Torti
and trashmonkey
on October 24th, 2006


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