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Artist's Note


Visual Style - Untitled
Winamp - Untitled
Icons - Serenity Black
Wallpaper - Made with Image from roo.deviantart.com


Mirc (With enfusion script)
Y'z Shadow
Miranda IM


Explorer Menu Hack
Eremites Miranda IM hack
Icon hack for certain apps (shown irc)

forgive me :X

Comments (10)

Pyro_ says:

Nice wallpaper. And I think you're the first to use a shadow on the taskbar with the Untitled VS. It all looks nice and slick. But there's like three different fonts on there. Update: Hah, that's ok. The shot is still dang slick. Update: Untitled has only been used 12 times so far. Not counting Stic's shots with it.

Tue, Sep 14th at 02:57pm (13 years ago)

oh shit, i meant to change the vs fonts and stuff...i just submitted too quick :X

Update gimme a better VS to use with this wall and i wont use untitled. it fit best so i used it, sorry if u dont like seeing it.

Tue, Sep 14th at 03:03pm (13 years ago)
heylove says:

Looks good. Everything matches well

Tue, Sep 14th at 03:57pm (13 years ago)
zorlac says:

Pyro_: if you see my other submitions you'll notice that I allready used the shadow on the taskbar. This is really good, I love the wall.

Tue, Sep 14th at 04:14pm (13 years ago)
mZtriZ says:

How many people are going to use that Vs in a screen shot? lol. But it still looks good!

Tue, Sep 14th at 04:58pm (13 years ago)
seeingred says:

thats it. im downloading y'z shadow/ thats slick

Tue, Sep 14th at 05:25pm (13 years ago)
massa says:

no kidding.. untitled is a cool vs, but holy hell will the screenshots never end!?#@!$?

Tue, Sep 14th at 07:21pm (13 years ago)

Looks nifty. There's nothing crazy or exciting about it, but it's sexy. And I'm still pissed that you don't love me enough to change my screen name.

Tue, Sep 14th at 07:57pm (13 years ago)
infinism says:

even I changed antimatter's s/n on miranda. i mean, come on. the wall is easily the best part of this ss

Tue, Sep 14th at 08:00pm (13 years ago)

antimatter hit it right on.
nothing stands out too much other than the gradient on the wall..tasty.. sexy shot nonetheless..wouldnt expect anything less from ya

Tue, Sep 14th at 09:09pm (13 years ago)

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Created by capitalizex
on September 14th, 2004


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