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International food fair tomorrow..... gonna buy me something non-american! like a korean plate!

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dannymp3 says:

Taskbar isn't organized very well, and your TClock doesn't blend well either. Everything else looks okay, other then that. Winamp is nicely placed on the desktop.

Thu, Mar 13th at 12:15am (14 years ago)

I see you fixed stuff from your previous submission :D Pick a new font for the samurize still, and try to integrate it better

Thu, Mar 13th at 12:21am (14 years ago)
_neon_ says:

ahh, omg, samurize font! %#*$

Thu, Mar 13th at 12:51am (14 years ago)
shocks says:

the text is just ugly

Thu, Mar 13th at 01:53am (14 years ago)

so is this the new in thing to "hollow out" winamp?

Thu, Mar 13th at 06:33am (14 years ago)
hash says:

this actually looks pretty cool. Just clean it up a bit.

Thu, Mar 13th at 10:01am (14 years ago)

I really like it, 'cept for the clock , that gradiant is annoying as hell...TAKE IT OFF :) Better yet, maybe use tclock2 to remove the clock all together ( i think tclock2 does it, i havnt used it in quite a while) and put a clock in samurize? just a thought, but i like the hollowed out winamp, and how u spread the components out among the SS, nice touch IMO. -10 for the clock, but i like the orange bar above the taskbar, it sets the whole SS off, nice work.

Thu, Mar 13th at 05:18pm (14 years ago)

does this guy work for papa johns?

Thu, Mar 13th at 07:01pm (14 years ago)
sticboy says:

i knew when i click on the link to this id see that graphic, so minus points for that, the taskbar is pretty fuglym but i guess it could be worse.

Thu, Mar 13th at 07:31pm (14 years ago)

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Created by HKALiEn
on March 13th, 2003


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