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i'll just submit this.. i came home this afternoon feeling really crappy.. just wanted to mess around and do something that's hopeful but stays with my mood..
so..tell me what needs some changing...ill do it probably..

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very dark and very evil. very nicely done though. i dunno if i'm crazy about a burning cross, but aside from that...its pretty damn cool.

Tue, Apr 16th at 02:28am (15 years ago)

--this isnt a kkk thing.. it's just the way ive been feeling lately. that's why i made the wp...

Mon, Apr 15th at 06:01pm (15 years ago)
buzlink says:

Get rid of the cross!

Mon, Apr 15th at 11:01pm (15 years ago)
Dsd says:

loving the burning cross very powerfull

although i think the background should be changed? to something more black maybe

anyways keep up the good work

Tue, Apr 16th at 08:28am (15 years ago)

Very bright... screams KKK. Nice fire.

Tue, Apr 16th at 11:15am (15 years ago)

as a member of the KKK i say STOP ..............btw kkk= KU KLUX KLAMS .........ku klux klan is our enemy, we are going to eat their brains

Tue, Apr 16th at 05:06pm (15 years ago)
Plex says:


Tue, May 7th at 07:26pm (15 years ago)

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Created by yocreoenel
on April 15th, 2002


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